Intranet Solutions by Industry

Our simple intranet solution centralizes all of your productivity, document management, and communication capabilities into one digital workspace, saving you time, increasing employee engagement, and enhancing internal communication among your teams.

Intranet Solutions by Industry

Sector-Specific Intranet Solutions

An Enterprise Intranet Designed to Encourage Efficiency Across All Industries

Redefine Employee Engagement

We all need that one platform for all healthcare employee communication, content, collaboration & employee engagement.

Creative Social intranet solutions helps banks, wealth management, and financial firms drive innovation for an improved customer experience.

An Intranet specially designed for Hospitals allows one to tap into their employees and get assured feedback using top notch engaging intranet features to exchange ideas.

IT departments are backbone of any industry in modern era. Their customers are actually the employees of the company.

Powerful eLearning grants you the strength easily, and keep the school staff, techers, parents and students notified and up-to-date on the newest policies and ideas.

Intranet for ex-employees is to act as the data swapping between the department of the Organization and the Ex-employee. Ex-employee which is separated from the business.

Software for airports could exercise various purposes depending on the fundamentals of the enterprise.

Solution-oriented software for Aviation industries employee communication, content, collaboration & employee engagement…

Creative Social Intranet simplifies the workflow for federal, state and local governments. Connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

Intranet features like document administration, single and corporate programs, news and reports, online coaching and onboarding, workflow and web-based applications for Real Estate industries.

Social Intranet designs to develop and create practice intranets, permitting companies to create online identities, share references, enhance internal communications, enhance workflow and much more.

An Intranet portal that can combine online education content to assist your staff to promote work, stay refreshed, Streamline vacation appeals, estimates and more.

An HR intranet software that can benefit and reshape the hiring and onboarding processes.

Creative Intranet enables organizations to solve business challenges & cultivate a strong corporate culture through our intranet software & solutions for insurance companies.

Intranet software for credit unions, banks, and financial services gives bank employees, managers and directors secure access to your institution’s information whenever they need it.

Creative intranet software and internal communications expertise empower Law enforcement companies employees to build a thriving workplace.

Creative Social Intranet cloud based solutions for small companies and startups.

Build organizational intranets and foster internal knowledge transfer with Creative Social Intranet for Accounting organisations.

Creative Social Intranet is an integrated suite of workplace apps for organizations in India that combines popular apps like Intranet, workspaces, file sharing etc.

Creative Social Intranet cloud based solutions for NGOs volunteers and staff internal communication and collaboration.

Government specific intranet software solutions for initiating public messages, services and collaborations.

Employee intranet software that provides company employees the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet application.

Intranet built for solving the common problems colleges/schools/educational institutions face in developing a contact with the students and their caretakers.

Our Corporate Intranet is tailored to the way employees interact, companies cooperate and businesses build power and performance through modernized enterprise rules.

Enhancing internal communication is one of the prime objects companies start looking for an intranet software solution.

Building a business-critical intranet that users will admire is the concept and purpose of every intranet administrator.

Content Management Plan presents features and guidelines for content specifications, functions, and duties, formatting, and typing, organizational methods, and practices.

Companies often want to work without relying on the location where they live and where their clients put up.

Community Portal Development is a vital stage to collect key data from various sources of information and knowledge of communities, both online and offline.