Intranet software for non-profit organizations.

Built to fulfil the needs of your non-profit organisation

Creative Social Intranet is available for Non Profit and offers the following support options:

  • Phone Support.
  • Email/Help Desk.
  • Chat.
  • Knowledge Base.
Creative employee engagement software


20+ Years

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Rated 5 star
  • Highly secured software
  • Team of Experts
  • Award Winning
  • Maximum ROI
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Data Backup

We take daily, weekly, monthly backups

User Protection

Tested under various security norms

Personalised Support

We try to resolve all the issues round the clock.

VAPT Tested Reports

Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests.

Creative intranet software

Simplify and streamline your organization’s digital workplace with Creative intranet software.

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Mobile Intranet Software

Bring partners, volunteers and staff together to collaborate in one place.

Publish Internal Communications

Unify your team and keep everyone in the loop with a variety of content publishing tools and internal communications capabilities. Publish critical information as blog posts or articles. Start a discussion thread to discuss a hot topic. Improve transparency and inspire your people with videos.

Centralized Knowledge Base

Your employees, coordinators, administrators, staff, and partners all have a wealth of experience. With broad knowledge management tools, Creative centralises that expertise and makes it easy to access and reference. There is no need for file folders, FTP transfers, or cluttered shared drives.

Employee Directory and Profiles

The Communifire corporate directory and employee profiles reveal the power of a social intranet. Member profiles are more than simply contact cards, they’re fully functional social profiles with activity feeds, an index of written content, a glimpse of people they’re connected to, and insights into the places and groups to which they belong.

Intranet Solutions For NGO’S

Making a Significant Impact with a Company Intranet for Non-Profit Organizations

The company machines offered by an intranet have various advantages including an Expanded interface, Enhanced methods, data sharing, Greater engagement with staff and volunteers, Cost-effectiveness, and mobile access. Admittance to reports on the intranet can also be established by permission. In this design, intranet users, be they, representatives, committee members, or volunteers, can only see the data that is associated with them.

  • Custom UX with your NGO branding.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Streamlined collaboration.
  • Advanced search.
  • On-prem, Web, and Hybrid intranet solutions will turn out to be cost-effective.
  • Secured intranet software.
  • Integrations (Active Directory, OneLogin, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP).
  • Intranet solutions n and PHP WordPress.
  • Up and running within a few days.

Internal Communications

  • Unify your team
  • Content publishing tools
  • Publish critical information 

Easy to share

  • Discuss a hot topic
  • Required reading
  • Domain & Modules
  • Tech Areas

Document Management and File Sharing

  • Fast and secure
  • Eliminates inefficiency
  • Strategy
  • User Management
  • Security
  • Integrations

Employee Directory

  • Publicly viewable
  • Social media platforms

Employee Profiles

  • Mobile responsive
  • Apps for android and iPhone

Support & Upgrades

Creative Social Intranet works with organizations from all over the world, so we’re all over the world too.

  • With offices in multiple time zones, we provide customers with the best possible care around the clock.
  • In the Creative Social Intranet, you can collaborate directly with our team, as well as fellow Creative Social Intranet users.
  • Creative Social Intranet team continuously thrives on making the product better. We provide regular updates with substantial additions to the offering provided at no charge.
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