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Rewards and Recognition - Creative Social Intranet

58% of the respondents believed that to improve engagement it is competent that leaders must start giving Rewards and Recognitions.
Prioritizing these core aspects among the workforce and in the operation will lead in creating positivity, productivity and innovation in the corporate environment. 41% of the companies who practise peer-to-peer recognition have observed a positive increase in customer satisfaction as well. So ultimately when internal factors are mechanised closely and efficiently then affective external results are generated.

It is the impulse of human nature that when we appreciate one's effort; they blossom out with more joy and energy to perform further tasks. A positive outlook of oneself gets created within them and they contribute even better. The same happens in corporates, employees when recognised for their efforts are more keenly involved and engaged in their work. Recognition and rewards altogether should be a pattern of work culture which creates more enthusiasm among the employees.

For recognition and rewards approval, it's better to create a goal or a yearly plan for it. Analyze the employees mindset, their approach & behavioral patterns, strengths & weakness, any accomplishments they have achieved so far etc. Based on these aspects the recognition plan should be formed and thus the reward and recognition should be followed consistently.

In order to perform these function on a single portal and also keeping it interactive for the employees, Creative Social Intranet is the latest trend in this domain. It’s the optimal way for various business enterprises to manage their employee rewards, recognition, internal communication and what not, just on a single server. A modern way to deal with some conventional mixup of recognising your employees. And it’s incredibly quick and easy for companies of any size to set up, solving real business challenges and delivering massive value from day one.


Highlights of Rewards and Recognition Application

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Create a culture of continuous recognition with peer-to-peer appreciation. The basis of all further processes and functions to get better is recognition from your immediate colleague. This software enables the company workforce to recognise and comment about each others achievements on the dashboard of the portal. Because of this mechanism the employees start to admire one another on professional matters and henceforth gets admiration in return.As such they are able to socially recognise their senior managers as well and get learnings on project dealings.

Reward points with a Positive Feedback Loop

Only recognition is not enough to boost the employees, so this app also serves
gamification redeemable points for the same. It is possible to post monthly rewards in the employee recognition section in this portal. When employees are given more than just a “thank you” card, then that creates a joy of real achievement. Reward them with points and give them the flexibility to choose their own rewards.

Employee Awards are highlighted on Profile and Home Page of Intranet

The employees can post their awards and achievements of the portal which can be accessed internally by everyone. This portal develops a company culture that promotes identifying and endorsing employees who are experts and top contributors in the company operations. The Employee recognition section supplies the employer and employee with specific information about what behaviors or reward eligibility are considered while rewarding.The more precisely you communicate the criteria for eligibility for the award, employees find it easy and trusted to perform accordingly.

Automated Rewarding

As the software already has the employee directory which consists of employee details, so eventually when the employee completes a period of one year and so on, the portal post’s wishings regarding the work anniversary of those employees. So here every employee congratulates them, thanks them for their contribution towards increasing the value of the organisation and also admire them for any initiative or project they have undertaken throughout their journey. Along with the work anniversary the birthday wishes also get posted for their special day.

Social gamification

Rewards as such can be provided in monetary terms but also in non monetary as well. Monetary terms are not the only way to compensate for the efforts which employees put in. The portal allows to reward employees with gamification points and sets out two options to redeem them one in monetary but also in non monetary terms as well. Non monetary could be anything related to employee’s taste, fashion, hobby etc which could enable them to have a cheerful experience from.

Customized Recognition badges

This Application has a set of customized recognition badges depending upon the performance the employee has depicted. For example, Best manager, Responsible Leader, You are Professional, True Performer etc. The co-workers can utilize this recognition badges for admiring their colleagues.

Instant Notifications

Nothing is better than being immediately aware of company activities and announcements. This app always keeps the employees under the loop with instant notification through email or the app itself.

Analytics and Reporting

The dashboard shows deep analytics and reports that allow you to reward your employees fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their performance.

Various benefits of introducing rewards and recognition in workplace

Improves professional relationships, boosts confidence & self esteem

As peer to peer recognition gets practiced and a perpetual work culture gets created so it ultimately leads in improvising the professional relation among employees. Peer recognition henceforth builds in confidence and stronger approach towards work.

Organised and simplified work Mechanism

Work gets regulated in an organised and simplified manner. As every department can regulate their work dealings on the portal it becomes easier to start and end the tasks on time.

Creates employee credibility

Recognition and Reward proceedings in overall company culture helps in building employee trustworthiness. Recognition can enable you to fully rely on proficient employees for specific tasks.

Effective communication and collaboration

Communication is the vital element of any organisation. Smother and clear communication brings more accuracy and value in work dealings and in the organisation. Through this portal it is possible that various mechanisms get collaborated altogether and regulated in a pattern, one process after another.

Value Creation of Employee

All information shared is stored at a single location. Employees who are given access to the file, can view it any time using the intranet portal and store it back at the same location. Looking for older data becomes easy with centralised file sharing and management.

Reduces employee turnover ratio

The worry regarding employees leaving the organisation gets vanished as they tend to become even more passionate about their work and generate value for the company.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




45 %

Increased Productivity




80 %

Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction