Meeting Room Booking System

Bringing Efficiency of discussions with technically Advanced Meeting Room Booking System

No matter what type of business you are running or the nature of organization is related to delivering certain products or services, holding important discussions with team members, overall staff, superiors or even with board members are quite relevant to take on relevant matters with great ease and comfort.

A company has to conduct several meetings internally within the organization to have a discussion on important matters pertaining to current growth of the company, changes in technology, employee’s performance, conducting interviews, having live webinar, handling clients and for various other reasons.

To make all such discussions go successful is to have an empty meeting room within the premises for a countable number of members with a proper set of tools and equipment inside.

The Problem

Conducting sessions with the staff, clients or other members of the office require a proper space in the meeting room which is at times not possible for everyone. Manually booking a room for the meeting is successful to a certain extent, but unexpected arrival of any client or a customer makes the matter goes confusing and a big question mark on the company’s reputation having a lack of space.

The Solution

In order to cope up with such common issues, meeting room booking system in CSI is what introduced to streamline the process of booking a particular space for official meet up with all the necessary devices and gadgets inside.A kind of booking system with an easy to access interface allows you to book a space as per the calculated team of members on a prescribed time and date schedule with no such reason of delaying the same.Unlike a manual Calendar system, where only a handful of team members are aware of meeting time, online booking system provides the same set of information to every single person in the company without having any confusion at all.

Highlights of Meeting Room Booking System

Easy meeting scheduling

With meeting room booking system, simply schedule meetings in company intranet calendar which are integrated with your regular G suite, Outlook or any other app.

Easy room booking

Book available meeting rooms, find and book the right room at the right time, anytime and anywhere.

View meeting room status

Check meeting room availability status, user who booked the room, and time slots. Connect with the user to book urgent meeting in already booked meeting rooms.

Track room usage patterns

Admin can view room booking statistics from intranet admin and find peak usage hours and frequency of meeting rooms booked.

Customized features for your enterprise

Meeting room displays with customized branding, real-time central dashboard to track, additional integration, custom notifications.

Important Benefits of Meeting Room Booking System
in CSI

Easy to Access Interface

From the technical point of view, using such a versatile room booking system is not that hard with the presence of simple interface that can be operated by any professional in the company. With quick access to system everyone within the organization, one has to select a particular room, space, allotted seats, time and required equipment while booking with no hassle at all.

Meeting Clients or Guests with Ease

It so happens within the organisation that arrival of certain guests or clients at an instant leave you at an embarrassing situation with no room empty for the meeting. With the help of said software, one is to able to quickly see the empty slot and book the same at an instant to let the reputation of the client as well as of company goes intact.

Make the Best out of Company’s Resources

Using online meeting room booking software simply means utilizing the company’s resources like digital displays, wireless keyboard, projector and other such devices while selecting the same during a room allotment task.

No Wastage of Time and Productivity

Using traditional methods of allocating a space often results in wasting relevant employee’s time and energy that simple hamper overall productivity. But, with online booking systems, you have empty slots available in front of the screen that can be booked within a fraction of seconds.

No Double Booking

There would be no issue like making double booking of the same room at the same time with a different group as information is updated instantly on the software that allows everyone to see the locked slot for any team member.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




45 %

Increased Productivity




80 %

Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction