Effectively manage meeting rooms

Book available meeting rooms, find and book the right room at the right time, anytime and anywhere.

Meeting room booking software
Meeting room booking software
Meeting room booking software

Meeting Room Booking System

Easy meeting scheduling

Streamline the process of meeting room booking


With meeting room booking system, simply schedule meetings in company intranet calendar which are integrated with your regular G suite, Outlook or any other app.

Keep track of room utilisation patterns.

Monitor room usage habits


Admin can view room booking statistics from intranet admin and find peak usage hours and frequency of meeting rooms booked.

Customized features for your enterprise

Adding the requirements of room size

Meeting room displays with customized branding, real-time central dashboard to track, additional integration, custom notifications.

Easy Room Booking


Book available meeting rooms, find and book the right room at the right time, anytime and anywhere.

Bring efficiency of discussions with a technically advanced meeting room booking system.

Book meeting room on intranet

View meeting room status


Check meeting room availability status, user who booked the room, and time slots. Connect with the user to book urgent meeting in already booked meeting rooms.

Manage work spaces on the go

A smart online booking software for employees to book company meeting rooms

Real-Time Booking

Creative Social Intranet’s meeting room booking software helps you book spaces anytime, anywhere.

Room Status Display

Display booking status for users to check if room is available.

Easy Integration

Our solution integrates well with other software such as visitor & staff management.

Start and End time

The booking engine displays start and end time of meeting room booking, for users to book another slot

Quick Planner

With Creative Social Intranet conference room booking system, any authorized person can quickly schedule meetings.

Device Friendly

Our solution can be deployed on cloud, on-premise, VPN network and hybrid model, so you can book your meeting room from any device.

Status Alert

Receive alerts and notifications when you want to, say, when a space is available for booking.

Handy Information

The system shows all related information such as room info, time, booking person, etc.


All our solutions comply with the highest standards of security.

Meeting Room Booking

Earn more from your Reservation System

70% Faster

70% faster in generating reservations

50% Quicker

50% quicker in responding to rooms management

7 Times

Efficient with 7 hours saved a week on operations admin tasks

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Why Creative online booking software for Meeting room booking?


It’s a simple application that can also be tailored to unique needs.

Can Easily Integrate

Our meeting room management software can be easily integrated with our visitor solutions.

Easy To Use

Creative meeting room booking management system is an intelligent yet simple solution.

Real-Time Action

Access meeting room details anytime, anywhere. Book rooms on the go.Why Creative online booking software for Meeting room booking?

Meeting Room Booking System Features

From the technical point of view, using such a versatile room booking system is not that hard with the presence of simple interface that can be operated by any professional in the company. With quick access to system everyone within the organization, one has to select a particular room, space, allotted seats, time and required equipment while booking with no hassle at all.

It so happens within the organisation that arrival of certain guests or clients at an instant leave you at an embarrassing situation with no room empty for the meeting. With the help of said software, one is to able to quickly see the empty slot and book the same at an instant to let the reputation of the client as well as of company goes intact.

Using online meeting room booking software simply means utilizing the company’s resources like digital displays, wireless keyboard, projector and other such devices while selecting the same during a room allotment task.

Using traditional methods of allocating a space often results in wasting relevant employee’s time and energy that simple hamper overall productivity. But, with online booking systems, you have empty slots available in front of the screen that can be booked within a fraction of seconds.

There would be no issue like making double booking of the same room at the same time with a different group as information is updated instantly on the software that allows everyone to see the locked slot for any team member.

Benefits of Meeting Room Booking System

Improve interoffice work environment and increase productivity

Conducting sessions with the staff, clients or other members of the office requires a proper space in the meeting room which is at times not possible for everyone. Manually booking a room for the meeting is successful to a certain extent, but the unexpected arrival of any client or a customer makes the matter goes confusing and a big question mark on the company’s reputation for having a lack of space.

In order to cope with such common issues, the meeting room booking system in CSI is introduced to streamline the process of booking a particular space for an official meet-up with all the necessary devices and gadgets inside. A kind of booking system with an easy-to-access interface allows you to book a space as per the calculated team of members on a prescribed time and date schedule with no such reason for delaying the same.

Meeting Room Booking System FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meeting room management?

Meeting room management involves organizing, scheduling, and coordinating the use of meeting spaces to ensure optimal utilization and avoid conflicts, often using specialized software or systems.

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What is the purpose of a meeting room?

The purpose of a meeting room is to provide a dedicated space for individuals or groups to hold discussions, conduct meetings, and collaborate effectively in a professional setting.

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What is the purpose of a meeting room in an office?

The purpose of a meeting room in an office is to facilitate communication, collaboration, and decision-making among team members, fostering productivity and innovation in a designated workspace.

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Why do corporates need in-house conference room booking software?

Corporates need in-house conference room booking software to streamline scheduling, prevent double bookings, optimize room usage, and enhance overall efficiency in managing meeting spaces within the organization.

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How do employees benefit from online booking software for booking meeting rooms?

Employees benefit from online booking software for meeting rooms by having convenient access to real-time availability, reducing time spent on manual scheduling, avoiding conflicts, facilitating efficient use of resources, and improving overall meeting organization and productivity.

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