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Improve communication, manage tasks, events, organize content, and boost employee engagement at cost effective on-premise / on-cloud intranet solution.

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Flexible Solutions

Business worldwide have been enduring the immense profits united by deploying intranet software on premises. Deployed Creative Social Intranet software on premises with complete control, security, full customization and agility.

  • Fast deployment
  • Cost effective intranet solution
  • In-depth cutomizations
  • On demand support team

Creative Social Intranet cloud intranet solution is faster than other cloud softwares available on web. Loaded with the latest features, the Creative cloud intranet solutions are affordable, secure, trustworthy and boosts employee engagement for organisations that operate remotely.

  • Quick and easy
  • Scalable
  • Secured
  • Portable and accessible

Fast. Easy. Immersive

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Employee Engagement


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Employee communication

Internal Communication

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Workplace Gamification

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Social Networking

Intranet awards and achievements 2018 - 2023
Intranet awards and achievements 2018 - 2023

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Our Key Strengths

An enterprise collaboration system is a versatile tool that boosts productivity for teams in various departments. It cuts down the time required for tasks and provides an efficient solution for communication and document sharing.

  • Ease of access
  • Maximising the user experience.
  • Increased employee enagement and retention
  • Increased productivity

The functionality of an intranet should be a key focus of an organisation while choosing an intranet solution. EVery organization performs differently and has its own process of operation. Customizing the intranet as per company proceedure and functionality should not be overlooked. Below are few points to explain the benefits of effective custom intranet software.

  • Easier navigation
  • Improved company culture
  • Applicable widgets
  • Brand awareness

Creative Social Intranet integrates easily with your favorite HRMS/HRIS/HCS, and single sign-on tools. Integrates with 60% of the most popular apps - G Suite, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SharePoint.

  • Integrations with legacy applications eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Allows automatic login to company apps such as Microsoft, Google suite, SharePoint and corporate intranets.
  • It reduces the risk of accidental loss of password, account getting locked and increases company efficiency.
  • Reduces IT department workload.

We perform network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing assessment reports for every upgrade of Creative Social Intranet. Creative Social Intranet is secured business communication platform, which matches international complaint standards and build a trust-worthy brand.

Creative Social Intranet provides cost effective intranet on-premise and on-cloud intranet solutions. Investing in a cost effective intranet solution has various advantages, which are:

  • Cost effective intranet solution increases flexibility that allows employees to work with their preferred timezone, remotely and on-premise
  • Centent management is up-to-date, and company data is easily accessible.
  • Automation of repititive task reduces company OPEX cost

The structure and features of an intranet application improves employee internal communication. While selecting features for your company's intranet software, think first about your employees needs and the essence of your business.

  • All in one intranet platform boosting communication, collaboration, engagement and training.
  • Scalable on-premise intranet solution
  • Secured on-cloud intranet solution
  • Flexible hybrid intranet solution
  • Best of the breeds Social Networking features
  • Micro learning for online training of employees
  • MobileFirst UI
  • Employee appreciation features

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Why choose Creative Social Intranet

Creative employee engagement software has a response rate of 80% and more compared to standard surveys. Organisations using Creative Social intranet have experienced

Introducing the Creative Social Intranet App for iOS & Android!

Streamline and supercharge your company's internal communication like never before. Say goodbye to scattered emails, missed updates, and disconnected teams. Our app is designed to keep your organization connected, informed, and inspired.

  • Receive real-time updates.
  • Centralised document management.
  • Connect with colleagues effortlessly.
  • Share wins, recognize achievements.
  • Say goodbye to long email threads.

IOS intranet mobile app Creative employees sitting-8 Created with Sketch.
IOS intranet mobile app creative employees sitting-8 Created with Sketch.
Creative clients have already explored proven ways to work more efficiently in their organisation

Collaboration made simple


witnessed a great level of engagement in the organization.

Internal communication and collaboration

Best UI & easy remote communication


improvement in internal communication

Internal communication and collaboration

Creative clients have already explored proven ways to work more efficiently in their organisation

Collaboration made simple


witnessed a great level of engagement in the organization.

Collaboration simplified

Best UI & easy remote communication


improvement in internal communication.

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News and Articles

Your intranet was a hit when it first launched, but usage has slowly gone down. With everyone now working remotely, more people are using the platform’s tools – but they don’t find the content on there very exciting. It can be tricky to think up original ideas for your intranet every month. You’re not alone in this struggle – Gartner reports that 90% of intranets fail to meet their goals. And according to Gallup, 74% of employees feel left out and disconnected from company news. A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking of an intranet as something you set up once and forget about. The truth is that it needs regular care and attention to keep it interesting. Are you looking for ways to spice up your intranet? Here are 22 great ideas to get you started...

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An intranet is a valuable tool for connecting and collaborating with your remote or hybrid workforce. Keeping your intranet secure should be a top priority for any company that values its data. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous. To help you keep your sensitive information like customer records and employee details safe. Here are 8 best practices for intranet security. Make sure your passwords are strong and regularly updated, use encryption protocols to protect confidential data, limit access to only those who need it, and monitor activity on your intranet so you know if something is amiss. Following these tips can go a long way in keeping your business’s data secure...

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An outdated internal communication system can really hold back your bank’s productivity and customer service. A modern platform, however, could help you unlock powerful collaboration and communication that would keep things running smoothly. This article explains a few of the advantages that come with such an upgrade – like improved workplace culture and faster results. With a new system in place, your financial institution could be better connected than ever before...

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Celebrating Diwali with your coworkers using a creative social intranet can be a fantastic way to foster team spirit and create a sense of community within your organization. Here are some ideas to help you plan a vibrant Diwali celebration on your social intranet: Create a Diwali-themed Intranet Page: 1) Design a dedicated page on your social intranet platform for Diwali celebrations. 2) Use vibrant colors, Diwali-themed graphics, and engaging content to make the page visually appealing...

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Creative Social Intranet
Frequently asked questions

A social intranet software platform helps companies construct an internal network for collaboration, communication, and information exchange. A social intranet allows for private, centralized material access for employees. To facilitate communication and collaboration among staff members, it includes social elements such as commenting and messaging. And social intranet software, which differs from standard intranet solutions by incorporating interactive aspects to boost employee engagement and collaboration in the digital workspace, is becoming increasingly popular.

A social intranet is a private network that employs internet technology to securely share information, resources, and tools among employees. Access is restricted to authorized personnel.

  • Social capabilities: Social intranet software enhances employee engagement with social media-like capabilities.
  • Employee profiles might include details, talents, and expertise.
  • A news feed that provides updates, announcements, and posts from colleagues and departments.
  • Posts can be liked, commented on, and shared by employees to promote communication.
  • Groups: Project, interest, and department-based clubs and communities can be formed by employees.
  • Chat: Private messaging or chat for direct communication.
  • Blogs, conversations, and forums for staff to share expertise.
  • Document sharing, file storage, task management, and calendars are common collaboration options in social intranet software. These tools improve staff collaboration.
  • Centralizing company information, policies, procedures, and documents on an intranet makes it easier for employees to discover what they need.
  • Employee Engagement: Social interaction on the program fosters employee community and connection.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The social intranet may help departments share best practices, recommendations, and insights, improving organizational knowledge.
  • Remote Work Support: Provides a virtual area for communication and collaboration for remote or distributed teams.
  • Analytics: Social intranet software can track interaction, usage, and content popularity to assess its performance.

Many organizations have adopted social intranet software to modernize their internal communication and collaboration efforts. It promotes a sense of community, knowledge sharing, and a more open and communicative workplace culture.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The social aspect encourages employees to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and work together more effectively.
  • Employee Engagement: Social features make the intranet more engaging, leading to increased participation and interaction among employees.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Users can share their expertise, best practices, and insights, creating a culture of knowledge exchange.
  • Centralized Information: Important information, documents, and resources are readily accessible, reducing the time spent searching for information.
  • Transparency: A social intranet can foster transparency by allowing employees to stay informed about company news and updates.
  • Improved Communication: The interactive nature of a social intranet facilitates open communication across departments and hierarchies.
  • Employee Recognition: Employees can recognize and appreciate each other's work through likes, comments, and other interactions.
  • Remote Collaboration: Especially valuable for remote or distributed teams, as it provides a virtual space for communication and collaboration.

The answer is Yes!

  • Customization Expertise:What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customization. We understand that every organization has distinct needs. With our extensive experience in software development spanning over 20 years, we've fine-tuned the art of crafting tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.
  • In-House Team: Unlike some providers, we don't believe in outsourcing critical work to freelancers or third-party service providers. Our team comprises expert developers who are an integral part of our company. This ensures that your project receives the attention and expertise it truly deserves.
  • Built from Scratch: When it comes to our "Creative Social Intranet" software, we pride ourselves on its foundation. Each feature has been meticulously crafted from scratch, allowing us to maintain complete control and guarantee a level of quality that can't be compromised.
  • 3rd Party Integration: It's worth mentioning that we generally do not integrate any third-party applications into our product. This deliberate choice empowers us to offer you a software solution that is not only robust but also fully customizable to meet your unique needs.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Our approach centers around you, the client. We listen intently to your requirements, understand your challenges, and then employ our technical prowess to translate your vision into reality. Your satisfaction is our paramount goal.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Imagine a platform that encourages seamless collaboration, enhances knowledge sharing, and fuels employee engagement. Our "Creative Social Intranet" does just that, serving as a virtual workspace where innovation and teamwork thrive.

Creative Social Intranet is also available on premise on client servers and on cloud on secured Creative hosting and various AWS options.

  • Flexible Deployment: One of the standout features of our software is its flexibility. We understand that every organization has its unique preferences and requirements. That's why we offer the option to deploy the "Creative Social Intranet" software directly on your own server. This level of control ensures that your data remains within your environment, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Perpetual Licenses: We value transparency and believe in offering solutions that align with your long-term goals. Our perpetual licensing model allows you to invest in the "Creative Social Intranet" software with a one-time payment, providing you with ownership and ongoing access to the software without recurring subscription fees.
  • Robust Security Measures: We take security seriously. Your data is of utmost importance, and our software is built with top-tier security protocols. From encryption to access controls, we've implemented rigorous measures to safeguard your information, ensuring that your internal communication remains confidential and protected.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: Your journey with our software doesn't end with deployment. We're committed to providing you with an uninterrupted experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering regular software maintenance, updates, and upgrades. This commitment guarantees that your "Creative Social Intranet" software remains up-to-date and aligned with industry standards.
  • Your Peace of Mind: When you choose our "Creative Social Intranet" software, you're not just investing in a solution; you're investing in peace of mind. You can focus on what matters most—your organization—knowing that your internal communication and collaboration needs are in capable hands.
  • Exploring Possibilities: Let's explore how the "Creative Social Intranet" software can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Our team is here to guide you through the process, address any questions you have, and ensure a smooth transition.

Creative Social Intranet solutions stand out as the most affordable, efficient, and robust intranet solutions in the market.

We understand that value for your investment is crucial. That's why we take pride in offering a truly affordable solution without compromising on quality or features. With our "Creative Social Intranet" software, you get top-tier functionality at a price that aligns with your budget.

We've conducted a thorough analysis of the market, and we're proud to say that we outshine our equivalent competitors offering similar features.