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Business worldwide have been enduring the immense profits united by deploying intranet software on premises. Deployed Creative Social Intranet software on premises with complete control, security, full customization and agility.

  • Fast deployment
  • Cost effective intranet solution
  • In-depth cutomizations
  • On demand support team

Creative Social Intranet cloud intranet solution is faster than other cloud softwares available on web. Loaded with the latest features, the Creative cloud intranet solutions are affordable, secure, trustworthy and boosts employee engagement for organisations that operate remotely.

  • Quick and easy
  • Scalable
  • Secured
  • Portable and accessible

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Intranet awards and achievements 2018 - 2023
Intranet awards and achievements 2018 - 2023

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Creative is now ISO 27001 certified. Reliable, trusted, secured and Data protection.

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To help realise digital workplace goals, reset your intranet strategy.

More employees are working remotely away from the office than ever before. An engaging, up-to-date digital workplace is no longer an option—it is a crucial tool for supporting your organisation's performance and objectives. Whether you return to work fully remotely, partially remotely, or in person, intranet software will assist you in planning. Before deploying any digital workplace an organisation must ask following questions and find an intranet solution that gives answer to these questions.

An enterprise collaboration system is a versatile tool that boosts productivity for teams in various departments. It cuts down the time required for tasks and provides an efficient solution for communication and document sharing.

  • Ease of access
  • Maximising the user experience.
  • Increased employee enagement and retention
  • Increased productivity

The functionality of an intranet should be a key focus of an organisation while choosing an intranet solution. EVery organization performs differently and has its own process of operation. Customizing the intranet as per company proceedure and functionality should not be overlooked. Below are few points to explain the benefits of effective custom intranet software.

  • Easier navigation
  • Improved company culture
  • Applicable widgets
  • Brand awareness

Creative Social Intranet integrates easily with your favorite HRMS/HRIS/HCS, and single sign-on tools. Integrates with 60% of the most popular apps - G Suite, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SharePoint.

  • Integrations with legacy applications eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Allows automatic login to company apps such as Microsoft, Google suite, SharePoint and corporate intranets.
  • It reduces the risk of accidental loss of password, account getting locked and increases company efficiency.
  • Reduces IT department workload.

We perform network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing assessment reports for every upgrade of Creative Social Intranet. Creative Social Intranet is secured business communication platform, which matches international complaint standards and build a trust-worthy brand.

Creative Social Intranet provides cost effective intranet on-premise and on-cloud intranet solutions. Investing in a cost effective intranet solution has various advantages, which are:

  • Cost effective intranet solution increases flexibility that allows employees to work with their preferred timezone, remotely and on-premise
  • Centent management is up-to-date, and company data is easily accessible.
  • Automation of repititive task reduces company OPEX cost

The structure and features of an intranet application improves employee internal communication. While selecting features for your company's intranet software, think first about your employees needs and the essence of your business.

  • All in one intranet platform boosting communication, collaboration, engagement and training.
  • Scalable on-premise intranet solution
  • Secured on-cloud intranet solution
  • Flexible hybrid intranet solution
  • Best of the breeds Social Networking features
  • Micro learning for online training of employees
  • MobileFirst UI
  • Employee appreciation features

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Internal Communications in Manufacturing: The Complete Guide

As a manufacturing business, it's vital to engage with your frontline staff in order to get the best out of them. Sadly, according to a Gallup poll, only 25% of these employees are actively engaged at work - far below the national average. This means that many businesses could be missing out on the valuable potential of their teams and may need better ways to communicate with them. Showing appreciation for their hard work and connecting with them on an emotional level can help boost morale and encourage them to give their all. Here’s everything you need to start nailing your internal communication for manufacturing workers.

Ideas to Boost Internal Communication With Creative Social Intranet

An internal communication plan is a methodical way to share information, engage colleagues, and foster a productive atmosphere. A successful internal communication plan connects every moving aspect of your business – departments, supervisors, and workers – with compelling internal communications that match people with their daily activities and the larger corporate purpose.Here are some internal communication ideas and trends to get you started if you want to completely transform how your management team and staff utilize internal communications software.

How to boost internal communications within organizations?

Today, businesses need to get with the times and make sure their employee engagement software and intranet can handle the hybrid work environment. This includes making sure employees stay connected and valued regardless of where they’re working. Performance management is also key for recognizing and rewarding employees for achieving their goals. If you’re looking to upgrade your employee engagement tools, finding the right solution can reduce turnover, boost engagement, increase recognition, and create a great company culture.

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What Are Your Choices for the Best Digital Employee Engagement Platform?

To enjoy the productivity and performance benefits that come with an engaged workforce, you must invest in software tools and a modern intranet platform to sustain high employee morale and optimize engagement. Reports from Buffer’s State of Remote Work show that communication issues and isolation are two of the most prominent challenges remote workers face.

5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement With An Enterprise Intranet

Enterprise intranets are effective when they are adopted and used extensively. The adoption and use of an enterprise intranet can help to even the playing field and reduce the number of systems that employees must use to communicate with one another in order to encourage longer, more frequent exchanges and increased collaboration within the company. An enterprise intranet can be used to counteract the negative consequences of the pandemic by providing employees with the ability to communicate with each other and the company in order to maintain good lines of communication and a sense of unity despite the present circumstances.

Top 3 Social and Engagement Features your Intranet Needs.

An intranet is a digital version of your company's physical space, where teams can meet and collaborate. An intranet should serve as a digital picture of your real-world office, house important materials, and be a place where teams can connect. Achieving all these objectives is difficult; your intranet should enable employees to interact, collaborate, and obtain the information they need. In this post, we will discuss the top three social and engagement features that your intranet should offer to ensure your workforce succeeds.

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What is Enterprise Social Intranet Networking?

As businesses evolve to keep up with the world of social media, enterprise social networking (ESN) helps teams remain competitive and collaborative. ESN brings the power of social networks into the workplace to increase business value through enhanced communication and collaboration.

The Workings of "Enterprise Social"

Employers, workers, business partners, and even customers can participate in "conversations" through enterprise social networking by updating statuses, leaving comments, or simply monitoring activity streams. Users can post and follow up on progress updates, chats, and group contributions on projects using these platforms, such as internal communications software.

What Employees forever desire from Their Intranet

Every intranet software should be designed with unique features to suit the organization it is serving. But several themes persist so often that they feel so basic for an intranet to address.

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Do Intranets is Still Essential as the Workplace Transforms Digitally?

Organizations are transforming their digital workplaces to better integrate computer-based tools and technologies. The goal is to use technology to improve communication and collaboration, which can lead to a more engaged workforce, easier collaboration, and increased efficiency.

Digital Transformation

Historically, outrages of epidemics have created a disheartened effect on humankind. Today Covid- 19 pandemic is not any exception. Majority of the population have been quarantined at home, on the remote mode via Zoom, Hangouts or Skype. First time ever in the whole generation such an immediate and unprecedented global problem has impacted a large number of lives across the globe. Whatsoever this situation has been so far, history also complies that human spirit still prevails in such a face of challenge.

Enterprises are Shifting Towards Social Intranet

The use of enterprise social networks for business has emerged as a crucial means of marketing, promoting and managing employee and customer relationships. Communication through emails are the oldest and most popular modes of communication and collaboration in enterprises.

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What Is Microlearning

Microlearning is the process of learning material in brief chunks. Learners usually focus on one brief topic at a time and for a short period of time. This makes it much easier for students to organize, comprehend, and remember what they're learning.

Micro-Learning: The Key To Employee Engagement?

It is important to understand of having a growth mindset of employees and engaging in lifelong learning. The essential habits to foster at a cultural level should be maximized to increase customer experience. Having the chance to develop personally is one of the top five things that employees of all age groups value most in life and we also know that learning is a key driver of workplace happiness and employee engagement. It shows that employees want the opportunity to keep on learning and challenging themselves, especially when it means they can learn new skills that benefit them personally and professionally. Learning has finally become accepted as an integral part of working life and this is true across all educational backgrounds.

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