Create a sense of community through online groups in the company intranet

If your company has multiple departments like sales, marketing, accounts, all using the company intranet, sharing content and keeping it organised can be a tricky process if not bifurcated. Segmenting employees according to their work/designations into departments and groups is very important to navigate data in future. By creating groups and departments, you even ensure that no one gets the wrong, or irrelevant content.
Creative Social Intranet also supports creating groups/departments for brainstorming, employee collaboration, project management or to support a common interest or location. These groups can be kept public or closed based on the vitality of the data shared within the group.

Few Groups/Departments highlights in the company intranet

Create online community for every department

Give leaders and employees from every department a central website to share information, news, communicate, and collaborate. These online groups will turn out to be an effective community that allows members to get work done more efficiently learn about the purpose and status of the ongoing projects of departments on their own.

Share news, policies and announcements

Creative Social Intranet has WYSIWYG editor to write, format and edit in the browser- like Word news, policies or any announcement. Such information can be accessed by specific group or public or tagged to few set of people. One can even Embed images, videos and files with ease while sharing information.

Groups that are easy to create & manage

Create an online group in Creative Social Intranet for each of your company’s real departments using this intuitive application. Provide department name, description, logo, and assign admins for every group. Add employees or remove employees easily from any specific group.

online-survey forms

Collect information through web forms

Create online web forms and online surveys to improve department efficiency, and provide a central place to collect information and save time. Allow employees to submit various requests, provide status updates, or communicate other information through a custom-created e-form. Forms can be group-specific or public to every employee. Admins can see statics of survey and collect necessary information for future benefits of groups and company interests.


Segment events and meetings in the calendar to respective groups

Creative social intranet software is the modern way to strengthen the internal communications in your company. Share department events, trainings and meetings schedules to your group members. Manage department calendar to plan and communicate on events.

Benefits to your organisation Working across departments

Deliver the right information to the right people

Department or Group-specific posts, news, polls, documents can be securely and easily communicated within specific groups of employees. Segment Your Intranet into Spaces, Departments, Groups of Human resources, marketing, sales, product management, R&D, IT, customer support - Engage all your departments and align them strategically.


Deliver a holistic view of the companies growth to employees

Learning what other departments do and working with them on collaborative projects are ways to avoid losing sight of the company’s growth plans. Employees from various departments who work together on a specific project can create a group for that project and thus get updated on project status and its purpose towards company growth.

employee appreciation

Appreciate the work of every department

With relevant groups based on projects, one can avoid double work done by various department. One can complement other departments work and thus even appreciate each others efforts. When you work across groups and learn each one’s motivations and how it relates to the whole enterprise, you may achieve a feeling of “we’re in this together” among you and your colleagues. You also can gain a greater sense of empathy for your co-workers effort and challenges.

Social networking intranet app

Share ideas

When each department shares their ideas, knowledge and updates on any task, it develops sense of creativity and innovation for the organisation. Segmenting your intranet with online workplaces or groups can play a beneficial role. Managing groups will make navigation easy thus ensuring that no one gets the wrong, or irrelevant content. Grouping departments help organisations to grow further in an organised pattern.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




45 %

Increased Productivity




80 %

Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction