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Life after Lockdown: Will your Intranet fit its purpose?

24 Nov, 2020

The corona virus pandemic crisis has worldwide increased the numbers working from home. However, remote working has been a global trend for quite some time.

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Internal communication software

Cloud communications: the better way to connect your employees

17 Nov, 2020

Here’s how Cloud-based communications have proved as a lifeline during lockdown  1. Reaching out with help of cloud communication How can you deliver when a

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How to stay away from Office Politics?

3 Nov, 2020

How will you describe Office politics? It is that evil which has a direct impact on employee’s performance.  It can occur for reasons like money,

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How companies will improve their customer insights (CI) in 2021?

26 Oct, 2020

Forrester has solid proof which tells that insights-driven firms surpass their peers. Their data proves that most data and analytics budgets are rising. Over 60% of firms

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Onboarding new employees when you’re all working from home

28 Aug, 2020

Every company can’t afford to completely close down their hiring plans, and for a few industries, hiring is absolutely essential right now during this pandemic

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