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Modern Digital Workplace is currently making Waves in your Office…

17 Sep, 2019

Do you agree? Is your workplace looking different than before? Are you still having a storage room filled with files in cabinets and other external

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Turn your Employees into Assets

13 Sep, 2019

Your people can be one of your Greatest Asset – but it all depends on how you actually treat them! Miserable and Unhappy employees can

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Banks Intranet Software that will deliver value to your business

6 Aug, 2019

A bank social intranet is an efficient software, which helps bank employees to collaborate, engage and communicate in a better way, promoting your bank culture

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Micro-Learning: The Key To Employee Engagement?

13 Jul, 2019

  It is important to understand of having a growth mindset of employees and engaging in lifelong learning. The essential habits to foster at a

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5 Benefits Of Micro-Learning That Organizations Can’t Ignore

12 Jul, 2019

Microlearning has grabbed the attention of organisations and employees alike. It provides various benefits which has made it a favoured option among eLearning developers as

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