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Important Features for an Employee Intranet Portal

What your Intranet at long last advances to, is truly up to your creative mind. You will be able to either have it as a one-page welcome board flashing on everybody's screen, or move to a lot of elaborated and powerful level of qualification-based access, sharing, collaboration and engagement tool, worked to move your organization's development goals. The beneficial thing about Creative Social Intranet is that its variety of functionalities can be expanded or reduced based on the enterprise business need and employee preferences. In any case, there are few features that are completely important in order to tag it as an employee intranet portal. Let’s discover these mission important options that require to be present in an employee intranet system.

Creative Social Intranet

Content Management

Content is the gasoline that fires your Intranet. Previously the portal required separate outsider combination with a Content Management System (CMS). However, Intranet these days just can’t manage without worked in CMS, or mixing and similarity with external CMS. With working environment developing each moment, the requirement for new, up-to-date, and appropriate content is extraordinarily vital. After all, isn’t the basic characteristic of an Intranet downloading and uploading of content?

Admin access controls

Only if controlled to get right of entry to several necessities stored within the portal really improves its efficacy. Whereas general administration messages and HR policies will be noticeable to every employee, confidential financial projections, profit and income sheet must be accessed only by finance, sales and operations heads. Such fine-grained authorizations not only comprise of credential-based sign in, yet in addition also gives role based and department wise access to information. This element extremely improves the sensible utility of the portal.

Forms, Policies, Documents

This one will request to HR! The employee intranet portal can give a central repository for all kinds of forms and policies (personnel public information such as extra time, leaves forms, expense claims, Mediclaim, payroll, salary, performance review policy, transport policy, alerts regarding updates to policies, to call a few). The section offers direct download, yet as well as online form fillings for easy use. Activities guys can likewise set up tech documents, cheat sheets, templates, manuals, and library files – all documents that facilitate to do daily or repeated tasks.

Mobile optimized

Handled smartly, mobility can move far away in helping employees develop relationship with the corporate Intranet portal. Rather than stuffing everything into the mobile version, you will be able to limit access to those ordinary and ultra-crucial functionalities which will be simply worked with, on the smartphone’s restricted screen size. These may additionally consist of – Texts, News feed, Address book & Databases.

Advanced Search

A portal’s success depends profoundly on how quick content can be discovered within it. This element additionally helps develop confidence of the accuracy, importance and dependability of the portal when employees require it the most. Content categorization and advanced search choices are simple basics to today’s corporate search requirements. Popularize the utilize of metadata to be additional with content, so that the search engine will verify if a result is more relevant than another. The search box’s placement and incidence in each page view is important still, so as to maximize its efficacy.

Maximum Interaction

It is authoritative to create the Intranet interactive to confirm better employee engagement and quicker approval throughout the board for the portal. Examples include–

  • Event calendar – Alerts employees about significant dates, events, meetings, functions, occasions or project launch.
  • Feedback – Offering a survey or taking a poll offers a feedback mechanism so that it will be welcomed by employees because it allows them to air their thoughts?
Easy going Corner

A Online collaboration may be in addition more advantageous by means of bringing approximately a section in the Intranet reserved for no longer official work. These might contain classifieds, games, puzzles, trivia, daily comic strips, or contests. Such easy-going corner can lift the reception of the stage, achieve better communication among employees, and give them brief breaks from works. Include an additional degree of gamification and employee communication can get a genuine lift or a real boost.