Employee Engagement Software

Increased Employee Productivity by 2X

Engage employees and transform your work culture with Creative Social Intranet.

Employee engagement software

Drive Empathetic Conversations

Engage Team with tools that make every interaction more human

Employee Mood Tracking

Track employee mood score with intuitive dashboard for more in-depth insights into your employee engagement.

Surveys, Polls & Quiz

Hear your employees’ opinions loud and clear by sending a quick text, picture based survey right where you work.

Anniversaries & Celebrations

Be it birthdays or work anniversaries – get on-time notifications to celebrate special moments together.

Employee net promoter score (eNPS)

An employee engagement feature in our software to identify how many engaged employees are in your organization

Employee satisfaction index (ESI)

An employee engagement feature in our software to measures how satisfied your employees are with their job

Share Survey Results with Employees

Get detail reports of employee surveys and feedback that can be shared with employees in your company.

Invest on people = Invest in Business

Increase Employee Engagement with Creative Social Intranet


Creative employee engagement software has a response rate of 80% and more compared to standard surveys


Creative employee engagement platform gives 15x ROI in less time with increase in engagement & attrition reduction


Creative mood tracking predictions helped retain 82% of employees who are at-risk of leaving

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Benefits of engaged employees

Why does employee engagement matter?

Redefine Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are the driving force behind their company’s continued growth and receive rewards for their efforts.

Engaged employees are happy at work. Happy employees automatically promotes your company brand by telling others how fantastic their organisation is and present the best face of their business.

Having a low turnover can reverse these negative effects that lead to inconsistency within a company, poor productivity, and a lost sense of unity within a company.

If an employee is motivated, they are more likely to do a good job and work hard. Motivation is very important for attracting employees, retaining employees and general levels of productivity in a business.

Is it just about satisfying your employees?
Or is it about retaining your employees onboard?

Let’s find out!

  • Engaged employees are different from Satisfied employees. Satisfaction is about doing your job …its personal commitment.
  • Engagement is about doing the job above and beyond personal commitment, its making you and your company successful, it is mutual commitment.
  • Another stats tells that 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged or actively disengaged. When managers are disengaged, it results in disengaged employees.
  • Employees with lower engagement are 4 times more likely to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged.
  • Statistics show that 35% of workers were willing to forgo a substantial pay raise to see their direct supervisor fired. Now that’s a matter of real concern.
So how can we boost employee engagement with Creative Social Intranet?

Answer is quiet simple…

  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave than disengaged employees.
  • When employees are engaged they perform better and your business grows at a speedy rate.
  • People who are engaged work hard at their jobs, keep getting better at it, and stay with you for years, not just stop by for a few months and then take the talents elsewhere.
Increase Employee engagement with Creative Social Intranet


Highly engaged employees are 80% more committed to their company success.

Care for Employees

  • E-learning before onboarding.
  • Welcome new joinees.
  • Celebrate Birthdays / Anniversaries.
  • Motivate with daily quotes.
  • Engage with polls and surveys.

Have Integrity

  • Personal dashboard for every employee.
  • Upload company policies online.
  • Announce company news on intranet
  • Ease of access for remotely located employees

Demonstrate Competence

  • Rewards for the best performer.
  • Badges for various skills, discipline and kindness.
  • Departments and Groups
  • Employee Certifications
  • Tracking employee happiness index.

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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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Employee Engagement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Employee Engagement Mean?

Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment and dedication employees have toward their work, leading to increased productivity and organizational success…

Read More…

What are the 5 C’s of Employee Engagement?

The 5 C’s of employee engagement are Connection, Contribution, Culture, Career, and Compensation…

Read More…

What are the 4 E’s of Employee Engagement?

The 4 E’s of employee engagement are Empowerment, Enablement, Engagement, and Encouragement…

Read More…

Why is Employee Engagement Software Important?

Employee engagement software is crucial for enhancing communication, feedback, and recognition, fostering a positive workplace culture, and ultimately boosting employee satisfaction and productivity…

Read More…

What are the Uses of Employee Engagement Tools?

Employee engagement tools are utilized to measure employee satisfaction, foster open communication, provide feedback, recognize achievements, and ultimately enhance overall employee morale and productivity within an organization…

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What is a Good eNPS Score?

A good eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) typically ranges between 10 to 30, with scores above 30 indicating excellent employee satisfaction and loyalty, while negative scores suggest significant issues requiring attention…

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Which is better NPS or eNPS?

Both NPS (Net Promoter Score) and eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) serve different purposes. NPS measures customer loyalty, while eNPS measures employee satisfaction and loyalty. Each is valuable within its respective context, with eNPS being more relevant for internal workforce assessment…

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What are eNPS Benefits?

eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) benefits include providing a simple and effective metric to gauge employee satisfaction, identifying areas for improvement in the workplace, fostering employee engagement, and ultimately enhancing organizational performance and retention rates.

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What is a Good Employee Satisfaction Index?

A Good Employee Satisfaction Index typically ranges between 75% to 85%, indicating high levels of contentment and engagement among employees with their workplace environment, culture, and job roles.

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What is the Employee Happiness Score?

The Employee Happiness Score is a metric derived from various assessments and surveys measuring employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being in the workplace, often represented on a numerical scale or through qualitative feedback.

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