Gamification at workplace

Gamification at Workplace

Discover the power of employee gamification in ensuring 2X productivity

When a digital system combines with the theory of gamification, it can bring about an unparalleled employee experience at the workplace. The reward points and never-ending positive feedback bring the entire organization to one platform and keep the employees geared up to solve even the most complex tasks the gamification way.

Companies that embrace gamification at workplace


Better Performance


Lesser Employee Absenteeism

25% to 69%

Lesser Employee Turnover

Employee gamification can enhance project deliveries by

Improving Deliverable Quality

Increasing Task Completion Speed

Boosting Motivation and Engagement

Inducing Competitiveness

Hitting the right cord to bring out the best

We understand the stimulation of human brain’s power reward system and know how to design features that can simplify even the most complex assignments and lead to behaviour modification using technology.


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The four-step process in can help you drive innovation and productivity with gamification of task deadlines

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    Tools that can gamify your entire project management and delivery through some stellar features such as;

    Reward points for each contribution to game
    Display of points, rewards of each employee to entire organization
    Opportunity to redeem points to get gifts, vouchers or bonuses etc