Gamification at workplace

Gamification boosts2X productivity

Gamification improves the fun and satisfaction of tasks and activities. Enhancing performance and productivity.

Gamification at workplace in intranet
Employee happiness index - mood tracking
Fun to give, Fun to take, Fun to Redeem

Promote employee loyalty and engagement through gamification


  • Points: The user receives points as they progress through the activity.
  • Community: The user joins a group of players with common interests in video games.
  • Collaboration: The user can provide and receive support from others.
  • Onboarding: When a new employee joins,it gets online guidelines relevant to his, her tasks, and company policies
  • Leveling up: In order to level up, a user must pass more difficult levels.
  • Badges: Based on prior successes, the user is awarded trophies.
  • Goals: By setting goals, a user can determine their direction and the tasks they must do.
  • Leaderboards: The user can observe where he is in relation to the competition.
  • Instant Feedback: When a task is finished, the user immediately receives feedback on whether he won or lost.

Highly engaged employees are committed to their company success.


Performs better at Workplace


Companies have experienced lesser employee attrition

25% to 69%

Companies have experienced lesser employee turnover

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Employee Gamification

Organizations that use gamification are seven times more profitable compared to those that do not, according to 90% of employees who claim that it increases productivity at work.

Our primary findings suggest that over a period of time, gamification has improved task performance and consequent output quality.

Gamification, which makes jobs more interesting, encourages users to put forth time and effort, fosters a sense of success, and ultimately enhances user engagement. By leveraging incentives, gamification encourages users to take action by appealing to both internal and external motives.

Gamification can encourage competitiveness and interest while assisting in understanding topics more quickly and easily than common course materials, allowing you to improve communication with students who take your courses.

Builds Motivation

Employee gamification can enhance project deliveries

The process in gamification can help you drive innovation and productivity with gamification of task deadlines that can gamify your entire project management and delivery through some stellar features such as

  • Reward points for each contribution to the game
  • Display of points, and rewards of each employee to the entire organization
  • Points on completion of the learning program
  • Opportunity to redeem points to get gifts, vouchers or bonuses, etc
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