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Employee Polls - Creative Social Intranet

Online Polls allows you to get answers to questions fast. Whether it be - date and place for Christmas party, or what time to hold the annual general meeting , online Polls offers the quickest way to get answers. An Employee Engagement Survey with Polls section in Creative Social Intranet is created and sent to employees of an organization with the primary objective of collecting valuable employee feedback and comments. This employee survey not only makes employees feel involved in the organization operations, but also helps building employee engagement at their workplace.

Measuring employee engagement in an enterprise is even very crucial as it is an important indicator of the health of your company business and a good way to spot areas for improvement.

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Create question surveys from Admin

Quickly receive employee feedback or input with online Polls. admin can create a one question survey to allow employees to weigh-in on issues and questions with just one click of a mouse. Creative Social Intranet is the #1 employee engagement platform in India that gives leaders online tools to measure and improve company culture. The enterprises and companies deploy polls in their intranet to launch into their next topic, gather valuable insights from the audience, and engage employees in an ongoing conversation.

Employee enagagement intranet

Employee enagagement intranet

Using surveys to develop engagement strategies

Manage surveys from Admin. The admin can check total employee engagement on any question asked in the intranet. Once you’ve run your survey and found what areas need improvement, you’ve got to start prioritizing. This will help strategies further company operations and functions effectively. You can create and delete as many surveys with timelines in your intranet.

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