Employee Polls

Employee surveys that improve workplace culture

  • Quick surveys, big insights
  • Build your own pulse surveys
  • Pulse survey data for smart insights
  • Share recognition stories company-wide
Employee poll,surveys in intranet
Employee poll,surveys in intranet
Employee poll,surveys in intranet
Feeling the Pulse

Enable users to conduct employee pulse surveys to gauge employee satisfaction

  • Simple Survey Design: Build user-friendly surveys choosing from various question types (multiple choice, Likert scale, open-ended) to capture a range of feedback.
  • Targeted Distribution: Leverage Creative Social’s internal groups or department filters to send surveys to specific teams or all employees, ensuring relevant questions reach the right audience.
  • Engaging Participation: Use features like polls or quizzes to make participation fun and interactive. Creative Social’s familiar social media interface can encourage higher response rates.
  • Actionable Insights: The intranet can compile survey data with clear visualizations (charts, graphs). This allows for easy analysis and helps identify areas for improvement in employee satisfaction.

Smart Insights

  • Create reports
  • Accurate analysis
  • Centralised storage
  • Easy Filtering

Get the Inside Scoop

  • Allow users to design and distribute custom pulse surveys
  • Simple Survey Design

Organize and maintain data

Organize and maintain data collected from pulse surveys for reporting purposes

  • Centralized Data Repository: Store all pulse survey data in a single, secure location within company intranet
  • Automated Data Storage: Creative Social intranet can automatically store all pulse survey data in a central location. No need for manual data entry or scattered spreadsheets!
  • Easy Reporting & Filtering: Generate reports with just a few clicks. Filter data by department, survey type, or timeframe to identify trends and create targeted reports for leadership.

Celebrate Achievements

  • Promote employee recognition Peer to peer recognition
  • Recognition e-badges


  • Gains points on activities
  • Redeem points


Features of Poll / Survey/ Quiz Application

Survey Questions


Quickly receive employee feedback or input with online Polls. The enterprises and companies deploy polls in their intranet to launch into their next topic, gather valuable insights from the audience, and engage employees in an ongoing conversation.

Dashboard & Reporting


Creative Social Intranet advanced dashboard gives you the facility to filter poll responses based on various attributes. Admin can select which poll to be displayed and which to omit. Reports can also be exported and downloaded in Excel, Powerpoint, CSV Raw Data, or PDF formats.

Employee rewards and recognition in intranet

Recognition & Gratitude


People love being recognized for good work. Now you can add gamification to company polls and surveys. Its will be customized in Creative Social Intranet. Every time an employee participates in company poll or surveys receives some points which can be redeemed in monetary or non-monetary benefits.

Poll & Survey Templates


Writing surveys is always a daunting task. With Creative survey and poll library, boost internal engagement with ease. Admin can create multiple surveys with interactive chart or graph to allow employees to weigh-in on issues and questions with just one click of a mouse.



Receive notification after reaching a goal. Gamification notifications can be customized based on points slabs. Instant gratification via feedback reinforces positive behaviour, making employees more likely to improve over time as they use the employee engagement system.

Mobile intranet software



The mobile responsive version, as well as mobile app of Creative Social Intranet, enables employees to complete pulse surveys and polls on the go.

Powerful Analytics


Analytics assists you in identifying company possibilities and obstacles. Assist in the discovery of new business prospects. Powerful analysis can help you make better decisions. Knowing how your items or services perform in the market might help you reduce risk.

employee poll and survey strategies

Surveys for Engagement Strategies


Manage surveys from Admin. The admin can check total employee engagement on any question asked in the intranet. This will help strategies further company operations and functions effectively. You can create and delete as many surveys with timelines in your intranet.

Gartner Research = Organisations believe

Analyze how companies globally handle employee feedback.


Values employee feedback


Learn from and acts on employee feedback


Has a robust process for capturing employee insights and feedback

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Poll and Survey Application

Third-party survey software are expensive. Using an online poll and survey feature with Creative Social Intranet saves set-up and administration costs.

Through online poll and survey, you get information on the go. You can quickly create, administer, and collect data from any location and any time.

Mobility of online survey and poll feature in company intranet gives employees complete control and increase engagement and response rates.

For companies having employees scattered in multiple locations, online surveys can help you send a survey to as many numbers of employees across the globe easily and quickly.

With various templates and Poll questions library available, one can easily change the design and format of the poll.

Every employee can anonymously submit their feedback without others knowing about it.

Online polls and surveys deliver you instant reports. And this is the most important advantage.


Gain valuable insights with Employee poll and survey tool

Online Polls allow you to get answers to questions fast. Whether it be – the date and place for the Christmas party, or what time to hold the annual general meeting, online Polls offer the quickest way to get answers. Employee polls and surveys are an easy way to involve all employees; after all, everyone has an opinion. And, as long as you keep them light, polls can be fun, reduce stress, and, best of all, can boost a sense of teamwork. An Employee Engagement Survey with Polls section in Creative Social Intranet is created and sent to employees of an organization with the primary objective of collecting valuable employee feedback and comments. This employee survey not only makes employees feel involved in the organization’s operations but also helps to build employee engagement at their workplace. Measuring employee engagement in an enterprise is even very crucial as it is an important indicator of the health of your company business and a good way to spot areas for improvement.

Intranet Polls & Surveys

Understand your staff better with our Polls & Surveys software

Involve employees in key decisions

It is essential to involve employees in decision-making while planning a project or making changes to the organisation. For example, if you’re thinking of changing your company’s tagline or logo, you can conduct a survey to find out what your employees think. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with some fantastic ideas as well!

Get valuable feedback

Taking a survey on your company intranet allows you to learn what your employees find most useful, what annoys them. Hearing the perspectives of those who use the intranet on a daily basis is the greatest method to determine which areas want improvement. It also assists you in determining the strengths and shortcomings of your intranet.

Engage remote employees

Remote employees frequently find it challenging to express their thoughts or demands. An intranet survey can assist organisations in encouraging and increasing the productivity of remote employees.Ensure that all of your staff are properly equipped to do their jobs. in order for employees to work efficiently and safely.

Monitor and boost employee engagement

Higher levels of employee engagement translate into higher retention, increased productivity, and competitive economic advantage. Instead of sending an annual questionnaire, send short questionnaires on a frequent basis to keep an eye on employee engagement levels. Giving your employees a voice will enable them to provide useful comments on how your company might develop.

Bespoke polls can help you get useful input.

Build custom surveys that always ask the appropriate questions for getting complete knowledge on how your employees feel about any part of your organisation, from new product lines to company culture. To collect diverse sorts of feedback, multiple choice, or single option replies, , include appealing visuals, and design customised “thank you” notes when staff submit their response.

Post one-question polls for quick replies.

Share a one-question poll with your team to get quick feedback. Increase participation by posting the poll on your intranet homepage, allowing employees to vote with a simple click, and sending a reminder to notify them that there is a poll to answer. You can select to display poll results after they have finished or immediately for even faster insights.

Anonymous feedback conceals identities.

People are naturally hesitant to express their actual feelings when providing sensitive or negative criticism. Allow anonymous responses to keep names confidential, so you can receive a true depiction of your workforce’s feelings.

Analyse outcomes using visually appealing data

Spot patterns, track trends, and find data outliers with attractive graphics that make data analysis simple. Our data engine automatically aggregates poll and survey replies into easy-to-read graphics, making it simple to analyse and act on the results.

Send surveys or polls to specific teams.

Using our built-in targeting features, you may send surveys or polls to specific teams, resulting in a greater response rate and more relevant input. Simply design your questions, choose the groups or positions you wish to target, and hit the’send’ button.

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Employee Polls and Survey FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of employee surveys are there?

There are typically two main types of employee surveys: engagement surveys, which measure overall satisfaction and commitment, and pulse surveys, which provide more frequent, specific feedback on various aspects of the workplace.

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What is the employee survey?

 An employee survey is a tool used by organizations to gather feedback from employees on various aspects of their workplace experience, including satisfaction, engagement, culture, and specific areas for improvement.

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Why are employee surveys so important?

Employee surveys are crucial as they provide valuable insights into employee satisfaction, engagement levels, concerns, and areas for improvement, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, foster a positive work environment, and enhance overall employee experience and productivity.

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What are the 5 questions to ask in a survey?

Five questions to ask in a survey might include inquiries about overall satisfaction, specific areas for improvement, suggestions for enhancements, likelihood of recommendation, and demographic information for context.

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What are the benefits of surveys?

Surveys provide valuable insights, help identify trends, gauge satisfaction, improve decision-making, and facilitate communication between organizations and their stakeholders.

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Why are management surveys important?

Management surveys are crucial for assessing leadership effectiveness, understanding employee perceptions of management practices, identifying areas for improvement, and fostering a positive work culture conducive to productivity and growth.

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Why Intranets should have Survey and Poll Features?

Intranets with survey and poll features encourage employee engagement, gather feedback on various initiatives, facilitate communication, and provide valuable insights for decision-making and continuous improvement within the organization.

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