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Employee Polls - Creative Social Intranet

Online Polls allows you to get answers to questions fast. Whether it be - date and place for Christmas party, or what time to hold the annual general meeting, online Polls offers the quickest way to get answers. Employee polls and survey are an easy way to involve all employees; after all, everyone has an opinion. And, as long as you keep them light, polls can be fun, reduce stress and, best of all, can boost a sense of teamwork. An Employee Engagement Survey with Polls section in Creative Social Intranet is created and sent to employees of an organization with the primary objective of collecting valuable employee feedback and comments. This employee survey not only makes employees feel involved in the organization operations but also helps to build employee engagement at their workplace.
Measuring employee engagement in an enterprise is even very crucial as it is an important indicator of the health of your company business and a good way to spot areas for improvement.

Highlights of Poll / Survey Application

Create question surveys from Admin

Quickly receive employee feedback or input with online Polls. The enterprises and companies deploy polls in their intranet to launch into their next topic, gather valuable insights from the audience, and engage employees in an ongoing conversation.

Dashboard and Reporting

Creative Social Intranet advanced dashboard gives you the facility to filter poll responses based on various attributes. Admin can select which poll to be displayed and which to omit. Reports can also be exported and downloaded in Excel, Powerpoint, CSV Raw Data, or PDF formats.

Recognition and gratitude

People love being recognized for good work. Now you can add gamification to company polls and surveys. Its will be customized in Creative Social Intranet. Every time an employee participates in company poll or surveys receives some points which can be redeemed in monetary or non-monetary benefits.

Poll types & Survey templates

Writing surveys is always a daunting task. With Creative survey and poll library, boost internal engagement with ease. Admin can create multiple surveys with interactive chart or graph to allow employees to weigh-in on issues and questions with just one click of a mouse.


Receive notification after reaching a goal. Gamification notifications can be customized based on points slabs. Instant gratification via feedback reinforces positive behaviour, making employees more likely to improve over time as they use the employee engagement system.


The mobile responsive version, as well as mobile app of Creative Social Intranet, enables employees to complete pulse surveys and polls on the go.

Powerful analytics

Power analytics help you determine areas of improvement.

Using surveys to develop engagement strategies

Manage surveys from Admin. The admin can check total employee engagement on any question asked in the intranet. This will help strategies further company operations and functions effectively. You can create and delete as many surveys with timelines in your intranet.

Benefits of Employee poll and survey application in company intranet


Third-party survey software are expensive. Using an online poll and survey feature with Creative Social Intranet saves set-up and administration costs.

Saves time

Through online poll and survey, you get information on the go. You can quickly create, administer, and collect data from any location and any time.


Mobility of online survey and poll feature in company intranet gives employees complete control and increase engagement and response rates.

Reach & scalability

For companies having employees scattered in multiple locations, online surveys can help you send a survey to as many numbers of employees across the globe easily and quickly.


With various templates and Poll questions library available, one can easily change the design and format of the poll.


Every employee can anonymously submit their feedback without others knowing about it.

Quick results

Online polls and surveys deliver you instant reports. And this is the most important advantage.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




45 %

Increased Productivity




80 %

Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction