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Advanced Search - Creative Social Intranet

How effective is Enterprise Search on your intranet? The enterprise search feature can benefit your organization by saving time and returning more accurate results. A healthy intranet has an enormous amount of content created and published on a daily basis. It will be a tedious job to find data from files created months or years ago. How effective you design your intranet structure, at the end of the day, employees are conditioned to start with a search for any information. Accurate search functionality creates a positive user experience on your intranet. The search feature is very crucial as it helps employees to accomplish goals in their day-to-day activities within the intranet.

Advanced search feature highlights

Locate key information effortlessly

Advanced search feature as you type across your full network content in Creative Social intranet makes locating key information effortlessly. You have an advanced search option inbuilt in all sections of your intranet. Be it people directory, Newsfeed, Announcements, Case studies, Newsletters, Polls, Blog sections, Groups, Projects, photo gallery, video gallery, work reports etc.

Search based on filters like name and date

With Creative Social intranet, advanced search feature solves the challenge of quickly locating relevant information from the excessive amount of documents, files, posts, wikis, updates and more. Type in the name of your file, post or filter topics between so and so dates. The system will get the topics listed within those dates or containing the keyword within a fraction of seconds.

Provide curated search suggestions

In Creative Social Intranet advanced search, when user starts to type in any keyword in the search box, it shall display other suggested queries right below the search box. This will help them directly click on the topic they are looking for without typing it.

Full-text indexing in Intranet

Creative Social Intranet Software is searching not only for intranet portal content but also for uploaded documents including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, PDFs, HTML and Text (.txt) files. This allows for more relevant search information and directs users towards what is need much faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Advanced search application in company intranet

Enterprise search improves productivity

Employees may not like to go through multiple files and folders to search for information. Its a waste of time. Streamlined intranet search helps users find content with no trouble and leads to increased productivity levels.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Creative Social Intranet has a great search feature which enables enhanced employee engagement.

Track where your employees spend time

When employees are made to update their task on a timely basis, its simple to keep track of what your employees will do in the next hour.

Save Money

Task tracking software will help you save money by knowing the amount of time spent by a resource for completion of a task. Thus you can bill clients for the ACTUAL amount of time and resource allotted for that work.

Brings discipline in work

When employees know they have to deliver before the deadline, managers and employees dedicate their time accordingly for the work and this even helps improve internal motivation.

Connect to Your Payroll

The task checking app helps you even track employee checking and checkout time. This helps in connecting with HR payroll.

Identify areas for improvement

When you understand the capabilities of individual resource, you have the opportunity to identify areas for improvement.

Builds a positive work culture

Employee achievements, dedication gets appreciated with the task tracking tool. This motivates employee as well as the employer and builds a positive work culture.

Less Information Overlap

A poor intranet structure always face data overlap problems. Organize your content with Creative Social Intranet. Create an overwhelming knowledge base with an effective search feature.

Streamlined Project Management

Project management is a big stressor for many professionals. Botch a project, and there’s no telling what could result. Improving your intranet search engine can streamline project management within your organization. It offers a quick and easy reference to past projects and other pertinent information.

Measure the time required for a task

You can track the amount of time taken for completion of the task. Thus you can measure the average time needed for a task and allot the same for similar tasks ahead.

Say no to Micro-Managing

Every employee nature is different. Micromanaging limits company success. With task tracking software understand the resource capability and assign tasks accordingly. Good managers empower their employees to do well by giving opportunities to excel.

Manage Project Pricing effectively

With time tracking app, you know the time and resource taken for a particular project, you can calculate the project cost effortlessly.

Review team performance

The time-sheet management application not only helps you review individual performance but also helps monitor entire team or project wise performance.

Develops a successful process

Task tracking app helps businesses create a successful work process within the organization.

Reward excellence

Task tracking tool in Creative Social Intranet helps to track project deadlines. Successful accomplishment of tasks before timeline by employees can be monitored and thus rewarded.



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