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Advanced Search - Creative Social Intranet

Advanced search feature as you type across your full network content in Creative Social intranet makes locating key information effortlessly. You have an advanced search option inbuilt in all sections of your intranet. Be it people directory, Newsfeed, Announcements, Case studies, Newsletters, Polls, Blog sections, Groups, Projects, photo gallery, video gallery, work reports etc.

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Search based on filters like name and date

With Creative Social intranet, advanced search feature solves the challenge of quickly locating relevant information from the excessive amount of documents, files, posts, wikis, updates and more. Type in the name of your file, post or filter topics between so and so dates. The system will get the topics listed within those dates or containing the keyword within a fraction of seconds.

Modern intranet

55 %

Increased Efficiency

45 %

Increased Productivity

80 %

Increased Collaboration

90 %

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