Employee Directory

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  • Advanced search filters
  • Visually descriptive org charts
  • LDAP, Active Directory sync
Employee directory in Creative Social Intranet
Employee directory in Creative Social Intranet
Employee directory in Creative Social Intranet

Digital Employee Directories

Getting employees closer and encouraging their connection with each other.

Creative Social Intranet Employee Directory

People Directory makes it easy to find and connect with various employees in an organisation. However, sometimes knowing who you are looking for in the organisation is half the battle, as there is a vast employee base. Viewing an entire department and its employee hierarchy can help you identify the right contact that can make things happen. The Employee Org Chart on your Corporate INTRANET does just that for you. With the Employee Org Chart, one can simply look up who reports to whom with just a click of the mouse. Get multilevel hierarchical display with different colours in Creative Social Intranet. The number of hierarchical levels displayed in the org chart can be increased or decreased – to help focus on single teams, specific groups or even the whole organization! Isn’t it the easiest way to search someone in a multinational corporate world. The manager-to-employee relationship can be accessed through the Employee Profile.

Employee profiles are online pages on your company INTRANET that highlight each team member. They may include: Employee pictures, Images/videos, Job titles, Work History, Qualifications/Certifications, Brief Biodata, Fun Facts like Likes/Dislikes, Daily Quotes/ tip of the day. Advanced search functions by diverse criteria such as department, location, titles help to identify relevant employees of the enterprise. Custom Search feature of Creative Social Intranet supports the following filtration over structured data. Filter by Attribute, Filter by Designation, Filter by Location, Filter by Department, Filter by Hobbies, Filter by Certifications, rewards & recognitions. Once can tag employees easily with our advanced tagging tool. Tags are useful for grouping employees that have common skill sets and common interests.

Creative Social Intranet also has a distinctive feature of printing the Company Organization Chart. It helps in having a closure view of all employees which makes it easier to search the appropriate employee for a particular work. Our staff directory can be completely customized to fit various team sizes and business structures. Employees can add customized features and characteristics to their employee profile.

Need to connect with someone urgently from the Human Resource Department? The Employee Org Chart also provides a way for you to contact anyone in any department, allowing users to connect with multiple parties quickly. Once you’re viewing the Employee Org Chart, simply select who it is you wish to connect with and you will have the option to directly connect, post on to Message Boards, Live Chat or Follow the Colleague(s). This is especially useful for those in large organisations with several departments.

Throwing a party on birthdays Celebrating service anniversaries Announcing New Hires One to one chat Live video chats, conferences Holding Award nights Put a spotlight on teams or individuals highlighting their accomplishments.

Why is an employee directory an essential for your company intranet?
  • At the heart of every business is its people. Bringing together employees and enabling them to find and connect with one another is vital.
  • A comprehensive Employee Directory that has the option to pull data from multiple sources, and to add valuable data such as hobbies, interests, languages or qualifications, provides the answer.
  • Creative Social Intranet has been frequently upgrading its features with clients requirements, the problems their employees face in day to day tasks and future perspectives.

Outlined are a few issues that staff members encounter daily in their company

Answer is quiet simple…

  • Employees need to add, remove and update employee information whenever a new employee joins or old resigns, or if his role or phone number, email id changes.
  •  Employees do not know other employees’ information except for a phone number, office number, or an email address.
  •  Sometimes employees need to search for a phone number according to a job title, as they may not know the employee by its full name.
  •  When employees are given contact details to be stored in their personal mobiles, they may keep all phone numbers and details of other employees even after leaving the company which could be sensitive information that you don’t want your employees retaining.
  •  The employee manual onboarding process takes a lot of time.
  • Recognizing and highlighting an employee or a group of employees who make significant contributions to your organization improves productivity at the workplace.
  • Employee directory helps you display individuals or teams to know your co-workers well.

Companies can benefit by adopting employee directories

Improve work relationships

Remembering so many people is very difficult. With an online employee directory, you create a better workplace relationship. There are two or multiple people with the same name. Employee directory shows photos, biography, job title, location, expertise which help to bifurcate employees easily. This makes it easier to identify who’s who, especially when you use a self-service approach.

Creates a positive work culture

When employees are appreciated on the company portal and are seen by others, they easily establish their identity and purpose within the company. Employee engagement helps to support the creation of a fantastic workplace where people are motivated to work together to achieve business objectives.

Makes Onboarding process easy

Whenever someone new joins the company, they are overwhelmed with all the new names and faces, and especially who is responsible for what. Onboarding is the process of welcoming a new member of staff in an organization. By using an online employee directory, you can reduce the risk of awkward encounters when you can’t put a name to the face or vice-versa.

Boost employee engagement

When employees are self-empowered to source information directly, it helps boost employee engagement. It also enables creativity and flexibility by delivering a communication framework.

COllaboration tool in Creative Social Intranet

Improves internal communication and collaboration

Company directory application is a great way to connect employees and make it easier to collaborate between groups or departments. It helps companies reach and align their increasingly diverse workforces so employees can collaborate and find data easily and fast.

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Employee directories on the intranet are a fantastic tool for connecting employees.

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