Corporate Intranet Solutions India


Corporate Intranet Solutions India

Our Corporate Intranet is tailored to the way employees interact, companies cooperate and businesses build power and performance through modernized enterprise rules. Corporate Intranet requires lots of automated eForms and Workflow engines that created to streamline and automate techniques, organizations, conference, and admittance to corporate data.


Corporate Intranet Solutions India

Give your employees the knowledge and brace to effectively do their jobs with efficient internal communications software. Keep employees and subordinates up-to-date and informed of the plans and activities of your company by sharing news, articles, and announcements.


Reduced Risk of Attrition


Employee Productivity


Enhanced Innovation


Creative had been providing custom intranet solutions to corporates and top conglomerates in India. Our major highlight is providing simple, fast intranet design with much-required features productive to the company, highlighting their brand within a short period of time.


A Corporate Intranet with Modern design and Personalization

Creative Social Intranet also emphasizes the need for modern intranet systems to provide avenues for personalization to every employee in the company intranet portal. The fact that intranet being one single thing to everyone does not apply anymore. The corporate intranet software solution should be able to provide a tailored experience for each user based on his or her work, company role, and connections. Hence, intranet platforms should have options for customization and special features for those in specific positions. If people see the information that’s useful to them, there are more chances of them using the intranet.

A Corporate intranet portal must encourage the usability of the intranet software and help in guiding employees to where they need to go while also adding appeal and assisting with engagement.


A good corporate intranet software follows a process that fulfils

1.   Business requirements

2.   User requirements

3.  Strategic & functional planning

4.  Information architecture usability and wireframes

5.  Employee Profiles

6.  Design concepts

6.  Design guidelines

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