An immersive corporate intranet tailored to the way employees interact

Corporate Intranet can have a number of useful applications and workflows, making your entire office functioning available anytime you want in a very secure setup.

Connects Your Company Across Locations and Time Zones


20+ Years

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Rated 5 star
  • Highly secured software
  • Team of Experts
  • Award Winning
  • Maximum ROI
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Data Backup

We take daily, weekly, monthly backups

User Protection

Tested under various security norms

Personalised Support

We try to resolve all the issues round the clock.

VAPT Tested Reports

Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests.

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Creative had been providing custom intranet solutions to corporates and top conglomerates in India.

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Ease of Use
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Ease of Use
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Value for Money
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Value for Money and amazing after sales service

The Creative Social Intranet team was very proactive and always ready to support no matter what time of day or night it used to be. The team was very polite and always ready to fix issues or customise a feature as per your need.

No. of Users
Banking & Finance
5000-10000 employees
Structure your company on a single platform.

Engage employees on your company’s virtual intranet.


Creative can control attrition levels by proving to colleagues that you trust their expertise, and the outcomes might be more innovative.


A corporation can attain its goals with the aid of a highly productive staff. Productivity raises enthusiasm and creates an excellence-focused, which improves the work environment.


Along with employees, you should also involve a network of suppliers, advocates of your brand, and executives who are willing to support your company’s innovation.

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Modern design and Personalization

A Corporate Intranet with Modern design and Personalization

Creative Social Intranet also emphasizes the need for modern intranet systems to provide avenues for personalization to every employee in the company intranet portal. The fact that intranet being one single thing to everyone does not apply anymore. The corporate intranet software solution should be able to provide a tailored experience for each user based on his or her work, company role, and connections. Hence, intranet platforms should have options for customization and special features for those in specific positions.A good corporate intranet software follows a process that fulfils

  • Business requirements
  • User requirements
  • Strategic & functional planning
  • Information architecture usability and wireframes
  • Employee Profiles
  • Design concepts
  • Design guidelines

Support & Upgrades

Creative Social Intranet works with organizations from all over the world, so we’re all over the world too.

  • With offices in multiple time zones, we provide customers with the best possible care around the clock.
  • In the Creative Social Intranet, you can collaborate directly with our team, as well as fellow Creative Social Intranet users.
  • Creative Social Intranet team continuously thrives on making the product better. We provide regular updates with substantial additions to the offering provided at no charge.
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