Alternative To SharePoint

Best alternative to SharePoint

An intranet platform that provides collaboration tools, fostering teamwork and knowledge-sharing among employees, improved communication within an organization.

Intranet integration

What makes Creative Social Intranet better than 99% of other solutions on the market?

Replaces all your current SaaS solutions

Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests

Easy to migrate your data from other systems

Our quick deployment solutions cut down roll-out time

Used, loved, and trusted by 15,000,000 users

Using Creative Social Intranet as best SharePoint alternative

Creative Social Intranet includes interactive features, such as discussion forums, polls, and social feeds, to keep employees engaged and connected. Creative Social Intranet is designed to reflect and reinforce the company’s culture, values, and brand.

Easily edit & update pages

Your knowledge management can get clogged without ongoing maintenance. Content suggestions in Creative Social Intranet shows you published, unpublished, pending approval and public content that need a quick cleanup.

Updated pages
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Find and replace the knowledge gaps

Get rid the of pushing individuals to daily update SharePoint with constant reminders. Direct queries to the appropriate experts for asynchronous responses and express gratitude through thank-you messages for their valuable contributions.

Verify your content by your in-house experts

Is this page current? The uncertainty about the status of SharePoint pages can be frustrating when seeking a reliable source. Subject matter experts can regularly validate crucial pages to ensure accuracy.

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Easy UI/UX for Everyone

Easy UI/UX for Everyone

Avoid selecting a tool solely favored by HR if it poses maintenance challenges. Opt for a solution that resonates with the entire organization. Utilize Creative Social Intranet’s user-friendly editor for content creation, link to existing Google Docs, integrate seamlessly with MS Teams/Slack, and more to construct a comprehensive knowledge base that meets the diverse needs of your team.

Here’s side by side feature comparison that shows why Creative Social Intranet is the best SharePoint alternative.

Features SharePoint Creative Social Intranet
Classic Intranet
Social Network
IM/Group Chat
Android/iOS apps
MS Office support
GoogleDocs support
Tasks & Projects
Knowledge Management
Source Code

Integrated with your favorite tools

Creative Social Intranet comes with several dozen integrations available in Creative Social Intranet Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.


SharePoint Pros

  • Easy setup and onboarding
  • Integration with many Microsoft products
  • Large online community
  • Best plan for SharePoint foundation

SharePoint Cons

  • Expensive
  • Low adoption rates
  • Low adoption rates
  • Bias toward Microsoft products

Creative Social Intranet Advantages

  • Cloud or self-hosted editions
  • Over 35 online tools for business
  • Best plan for large sized companies with many frontline workers
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