Best Intranet Solution India

Best Intranet Solution India

What are the essential features every intranet should have?

Features like news, communities, an employee directory, a search facility and an outlet for leadership communications are the basic necessity of a company intranet.

Additionally, the intranet should include key areas whereby employees can carry out their day to day tasks and get necessary content easily.


Top 10 Intranet Software Solutions available in India


Company intranet is an essential channel that’s valued, trusted and used by the majority of the employees. So it is crucial that you think first about your employees’ needs and the essence of your business. Choose the best intranet that can be deployed to help your employees improve communication and collaboration.


Lets see the top 10 intranet software how are they helping employees across India in various different organizations.


1. Creative Social Intranet

Creative Social Intranet designed with a compact intranet formula which helps in generating a comprehensive digital workplace for the employees. Interactive cloud based solution built in for employees to create a community within the workplace. Enables mobile responsive input to gather engagement through employees to collaborate and communicate within the workforce.

It is an Web based intranet software for employees to deploy on the premises with integration of various tools to function together. Enriched with employee engagement factor, competent HR practises, Rewards and Recognitions, Meeting rooms, Asset Booking System. It is comparatively built up for all sizes of business organization.


Key Features
  • Knowledge Management
  • Content & Task Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Blogs
  • Forums and Discussion
  • Comprehensive Collaboration and Communication
  • Gamification Setup
  • Linguistic Integration



Tribe is an optimized social intranet platform designed in a way to help businesses of every size to build communities on a digital platform where the users are allowed to connect, explore, follow, ask queries, discuss, participate, share contents etc. The employees can sign up into Tribe intranet using various platforms such as Google, Facebook. LinkedIn, Telegram, Slack. Also Single Sign On (SSO) can be configured for enterprise customers.

Customized intranet platform allows integration with third party apps and tools such as polls, events, Q&As etc to automate the processes. The gamification function sets out the employees with rewards, badges, leaderboard. Basically it leverages a highly modular community, direct integration widgets, API to create a thriving social intranet.


Key Features
  • Activities and News feed
  • Blogs
  • Content Management
  • Discussions and Forums
  • Knowledge Management
  • Policy Management
  • Search



Unily is an award winning employee experience platform that helps to generate powerful analytics that enables the user to monitor, measure, and analyze whether the software is meeting the goals and objectives set by the organization. It could also involve gaining the insights of how the employees are adopting the softwares and using the functions. Altogether the optimized ROI replenishes the user experiences.

The tools available into Unily makes the user to produce, tailor, personalize a unique digital experience. Such functioning helps the user to customize the layout of the pages, activate custom widget, segment the audience and devices and permit them to use the search queries. Also applications such as Microsoft Office 365 applications, SAP, Box, Workday etc surface all the data available without switching from one application to another.


Key Features
  • Broadcast Center
  • Intranet Collaboration
  • Document and Media Management
  • Commenting, Custom Reactions, @Mentioning, and #Hashtags
  • Digital Experience Management Tools
  • Custom Document Types
  • Audience and Device Segmentation
  • Intranet Analytics
  • Real-Time Usage Tracking



Samepage is a real time intranet software which has gained an award winning position in these concerned fields was founded in the year 2013. The intranet software built to help teams to share files, task management, collaboration with file sharing, edit spreadsheets etc for any and every size of business organization. It securely allows you to collaborate with colleagues, remote employees, clients etc.

Also the built-in group chat and video calling tools enable smooth communication alongside with the content employees are working on. Integration via other apps is easily possible to improve the individual and team functioning too.


Key Features
  • Organize People and Content in the Portal
  • Project Collaboration
  • Real time Communication
  • Shared Calendars
  • Multi Language Support
  • Progress Tracking
  • Customer Success and Support


5. Sharepoint

SharePoint intranet platform allows dynamic teamwork and productive team sites for every project departements, teams and divisions. Ability to Customize the site to streamline the team work is the greater advantage at sharepoint. The main function is to drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals. Also enables you to stay in touch with personalised targeted news on the web and mobile apps. Collaboration happens effortlessly and securely with the team members inside and outside the organization across Pcs, Macs and mobile devices.


Key Features
  • Office Hybrid Cloud
  • Fast Track Productivity Library
  • Developer resources
  • Sharepoint voice
  • Sharepoint Training
  • Knowledge base management


6.WorkSpace 365

Workspace 365 is a compactly ranged intranet integrated with social intranet elements into the digital workspace. It enables an integration with Office 365 and consequently accesses the applications. Also it offers a document management system, single sign in for web applications, with tiles which can quickly access the information. The RSS feed within the software and Sharepoint are a great combination here to push important documents and links with the feeds. Hence the intranet turns out effectively for the employees to access policies and procedures


Key Features
  • Remote Desktop Application
  • Policy Management
  • Custom Demo Workplace
  • News & Updates
  • Hybrid workplace
  • Update announcements


7. ShortPoint

ShortPoint is digitised workplace software that helps to build Intranet with no coding from the existing content systems such as Office 365, SharePoint and SAP Portal. Suitably designed for small or large companies

in the world that have Intranet on SharePoint, Office 365 or SAP. Here the users are enabled to add facebook like feeds on the intranet page which builds an interactive function for the employees. It is a professional intranet site with affordable cost structure and excellent support server.


Key Features
  • SAP Cloud Portal
  • Power BI integration
  • Intranet Design Library
  • Page Builder
  • External connection
  • Design & Architecture


8. HyperOffice Collaboration

Hyperoffice Collaboration is an user friendly and affordable integrated suite of Web applications that give new and growing businesses various tools for collaboration and communication for managing information anytime. This intranet platform helps to cover the productivity exiting in the organization- intranet and extranet workplace publisher, document management, project management, shared calendars, forums, mobile access, push email to a wide range of mobile devices and platforms. It is one of the featured collaborative platforms in the growing business market. The online database and web forms add on to hyperoffice allows users to simplify information gatherings through web forms and automated business tasks with the database applications.


Key Features
  • API
  • Access Control
  • Activity Dashboard & Tracking’
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Search Functionality
  • Customizable Branding
  • Workflow Management


9. AlumnForce

AlumnForce is a professionally designed social workplace for managing workforce networks. The software helps in importing data from existing databases and includes an admin dashboard for managing the information and permissions. Here real time statistics are generated based on the employees activity and work demographics and metrics. Enhancing engagement for the employee purposes they are allowed to share content, articles, newsletter and media galleries etc. Addition to this the employees can create and manage public and private groups with dedicated agendas.


Key Features
  • Data Import/ Export
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Attendance Management
  • API
  • Calendar Management



eXo is a digital workplace intranet platform that helps the businesses to engage and reward teams and departments with tailored employee recognition and gamification programs. eXo Platform is a technically compact and socially built intranet communication space to easily allow information to be quickly disseminated to the workforce. It helps in generating a productive community within an organization and makes common internal business processes more efficient. Majorly it is suitable for large, mid enterprises and public administrative offices. This platform is designed to create a successful intranet that engages and connects every employee which helps in supporting the daily activities, reflects the company ethics and helps users get work done effectively.


Key Features
  • Activity Feed
  • Content management and distribution
  • Dashboard
  • Build to Localize
  • Mobile
  • Integration and Extensibility