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A company calendar is a common calendar for the whole organization. Events added to a company calendar will be at the same time added to all calendars on the calendar server, including new calendars created in the future.

Company calendars can be useful to a business for various reasons like:

  • For organising events and occasions.
  • To keep a track of to do list.
  • Store birthdays and anniversaries
  • Save business meetings or deadlines.

With Creative Social Intranet, you can maintain your organization’s calendars and events at one place and share them virtually with the entire user base. So nobody misses an upcoming event, meeting, delivery, and a team outing of course! Features like automated conflict detector, email sync, multiple calendar views, RSVP and reminders make it a comprehensive tool.

Few Company Calendar Highlights In Creative Social Intranet

Set up and find company events in calendar

Creative Social Intranet users can create company events which can be given access to anyone in the company, to a specific group, accessible only to invited members, accessible only to the creator. Each event marked in the company calendar is differentiated with multiple colours to identify events easily.

Manage calendar permissions

Admins have the ability to allow or disallow events created by company users for the public. This will help ensure that company plans and schedules are never conflicted. Admins can cause events to be marked as all-day activities.

Effortless calendar Integration

Creative Social Intranet calendar syncs seamlessly with existing Outlook, Google calendars to keep user’s scheduling up-to-date and provide helpful reminders wherever they are. Creative Social intranet acts as your online content management solution. Use it to store and organize on any kind of document or media file. Securely upload large files into network drive or a team folder quickly and easily.

Setup company holidays and important dates

Admins set up a company calendar for a full year of location-based holidays and other vital company dates. Company calendars help companies stay organized and plan more effectively throughout the year, allowing employees to see, prepare and schedule holidays, tasks and events well in advance.

Mobile friendly calendar application

Computing for both businesses and individuals is becoming more and more decentralized and also more mobile. Your computing needs are not restricted to just your desktop PC or iMac. Rather, you need access to your workspace and documents from wherever you are at home, at the office, on the road, or travelling and on any device, be it your mobile device, phone, tablet, laptop, or something else. This means that your “workspace” needs to be online.

Customize the display of calendar

Add holidays and important dates to the company calendar and get notifications to keep your updated with necessary information. Enable weekly, monthly, daily view display of your company calendar and adapt your calendar to fit your working view. We have added colour coding facility that allows for at-a-glance identification of event types.

Advantages of having a Creative Social Intranet calendar feature


Creative Social Intranet has a built-in system for personal and shared calendars making it convenient for employees to schedule events without shifting to third-party applications for the same.

Reduced Costs

Creative Social Intranet’s robust calendar system features everything you'll need in a scheduling application. This will save your company cost by not paying excessive fees for third party application.

Transparency for employees

Creating a transparent atmosphere in workplace creates a sense of trust and reliability amongst employees, which not only bodes well in terms of how your company is viewed by your staff but will also ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page in terms of what needs to get done each week.

Effective Project Management

Creative Social Intranet task management can also be scheduled with calendar events tagging members or group for a completion date of a particular project.

Increased Productivity

Creative Social Intranet calendar system is extremely easy to use, which means you and your employees won't have to worry about putting in excess time to schedule events and meetings.



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