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Company intranet calendar

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Company Calendar - Creative Social Intranet

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But if you fail to share your plan, you fail to make it happen at all. With Creative Social Intranet, you can maintain your organization’s calendars and events at one place and share them virtually with the entire user base. So nobody misses an upcoming event, meeting, delivery, and a team outing of course! Features like automated conflict detector, email sync, multiple calendar views, RSVP and reminders make it a comprehensive tool

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Effortless Events and meetings management

Computing for both businesses and individuals is becoming more and more decentralized and also more mobile. Your computing needs are not restricted to just your desktop PC or iMac. Rather, you need access to your workspace and documents from wherever you are at home, at the office, on the road, or traveling and on any device, be it your mobile device, phone, tablet, laptop, or something else. This means that your “workspace” needs to be online.

Creative Social intranet acts as your online content management solution. Use it to store and organize on any kind of document or media file. Securely upload large files into network drive or a team folder quickly and easily.

Company intranet calendar

Company intranet calendar

Customize display of calendar

Add holidays and important dates to the company calendar and get notifications to keep your updated with necessary informations. Enable weekly, monthly, daily view display of your company calendar and adapt your calendar to fit your working view. We have added colour coding facility that allows for at-a-glance identification of event types.

Calendar can be integrated with Outlook or Salesforce Chatter.

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Increased Productivity

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