Enhance Your Company Internal Communication with Discussion forums

Active forums allow for the free exchange of information, suggestions, and queries between managers and employees.

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Enhance Your Company’s internal communication with Discussion forums

Active forums enable the flow of the knowledge, ideas, and questions freely from employees to managers and vice versa. Employees who are shy but have lot of things running in their heads can get an awesome platform to spark discussions and boost productivity.

Employees or Admin can create topics for discussion, involve more and more people and get conversations rolling with their ideas. Admin can restrict the participation of members not related to the forum discussion topics. Forums can turn out to be a brainstorming session. Make the best out of this unique knowledge-building platform.

Intranet Forum Solutions

Qualities the discussion boards in the Creative Social Intranet

Approving Forum topics and moderating content

Admin can assign access to few managers to approve forum topics, comments, answers from admin. Every forum topic will have a status sign mentioning it’s under moderation, closed or open for discussion.

Quick search functionality

Forum boards, categories, topics and replies can be filtered by keyword, relevancy and date enabling intranet users to efficiently locate the required information.at the same time improving the technical performance of our systems

Subscribe intranet users

Employees may subscribe for various categories which are of their interests in the forum. For important forum posts which require the attention of all employees admin can auto-subscribe all members of the organization to receive update notifications..

Ideal Platform for Knowledge Creation.

A platform for Creative Social Intranet forums to encourage conversation and increase output.

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