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Project / Work task check reveals a whole host of insights which help you improve project management, budget estimation and timeline scoping for any particular task.

HR Intranet Software To Get Tasks Done Faster

When it’s business, the internal work needs to be monitored. Be as many numbers of employees or members in the company. Every meaningful metric, whether it’s time, expenses, revenue, or productivity monitoring matters in future business sustainability and growth. The simple reason is, if you track something, you can objectively measure it. The tracked metrics will help you can understand what factors influence the performance of the business process. Project / Work task check reveals a whole host of insights that help you improve project management, budget estimation, and timeline scoping for any particular task.

Creative Social Intranet is a complete corporate HR intranet solution with a task manager to maintain work logs & task scheduling supporting efficiency during organizational processes.

Benefits of Task Tracking Application

When employees are made to update their task on a timely basis, its simple to keep track of what your employees will do in the next hour.

Task tracking software will help you save money by knowing amount of time spent by a resource for completion of a task. Thus you can bill clients for the ACTUAL amount of time and resource allotted for that work.

When employees know they have to deliver before the deadline, managers and employees dedicate their time accordingly for the work and this even helps improve internal motivation.

The task checking app helps you even track employee checking and checkout time. This helps in connecting with HR payroll.

When you understand the capabilities of individual resource, you have the opportunity to identify areas for improvement.

Employee achievements, dedication gets appreciated with the task tracking tool. This motivates employee as well as the employer and builds a positive work culture.

Every employee nature is different. Micro managing limits the company success. With task tracking software understand the resource capability and assign tasks accordingly. Good managers empower their employees to do well by giving opportunities to excel.

You can track the amount of time taken for completion of the task. Thus you can measure the average time needed for a task and allot the same for similar tasks ahead.

With time tracking app, you know the time and resource taken for a particular project, you can calculate the project cost effortlessly.

The time-sheet management application not only helps you review individual performance but also helps monitor entire team or project wise performance.

Task tracking app helps businesses create a strong work process within the organization.

Task tracking tool in Creative Social Intranet helps to track project deadlines. Successful accomplishment of tasks before timeline by employees can be monitored and thus rewarded.

Highlights of Task tracking tool
  • Share the Workload Wisely:- The Task Manager application allows your team to create Kanban Style columns and tasks. Tasks are stored as drag-and-drop tiles underneath the columns. Customize columns to match your workflow and process. Keeping your team on track is easier than ever using the Report Options, allowing you to filter your tasks by progress, assigned user, and upcoming due dates. From a team leader perspective, you can now visualize your project workload and see who’s working on what in real-time, all in one collaborative workspace.
  • Integrations:- The task tracking tool can be integrated with company payroll and 3rd party employee performance applications with single sign-on.
  • Manage Projects and Assign Tasks:- Hold multiple projects in a section, Use Reporting option to filter project tasks, Re-order Tasks in the section, and add other content
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