Best Intranet software 2024

Employee Intranet Portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

Intranet Trends 2024

General trends and predictions based on historical data for company intranet usage upto 2023:

  • Increased Adoption: Intranet usage is likely to continue growing as organizations increasingly recognize the importance of internal communication and collaboration tools, especially with the rise of remote work and distributed teams.
  • Mobile Optimization: With the growing trend of remote work and the reliance on mobile devices, intranet platforms are expected to prioritize mobile optimization to ensure seamless access and usability for employees on the go.
  • Integration with Collaboration Tools: Intranet platforms are likely to integrate more closely with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom to streamline communication and workflow management for remote and hybrid teams.
  • Personalization Features: Intranet platforms may introduce more personalized features and content recommendations based on individual user preferences and job roles to enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Given the increasing concerns around data security and privacy, intranet platforms are expected to implement stronger security measures, including multi-factor authentication, encryption, and access controls, to protect sensitive information.
  • Analytics and Insights: Intranet platforms may offer more robust analytics and reporting capabilities to provide organizations with insights into employee engagement, content effectiveness, and overall intranet usage to inform decision-making and optimization efforts.
  • AI and Automation: Artificial intelligence and automation technologies may be integrated into intranet platforms to automate routine tasks, improve search functionality, and personalize user experiences based on behavioral data.

Below is the list of the top 10 Intranet Software providers trending in 2024

1. Creative Social Intranet

Creative Social Intranet Software is a platform designed for employee intranet portals. It allows companies to: Share ideas, Post documents, Merge schedules, Upload photos, and Collaborate on projects. It provides a single, secure intranet portal for all these activities. Creative Social Intranet software can be deployed either on-premise or on the cloud, depending on the company’s preference. It also offers integration capabilities with various legacy HRMS applications, Microsoft O365, Okta, Google Suite, Zoho, and more, making it flexible and adaptable to different company environments and needs.

  • It is built for both frontline as well as office employees
  • An enterprise collaboration system with an immersive yet easy UI maximizes user experience, increases employee engagement and retention, and boosts productivity across departments by streamlining tasks, facilitating communication, and enhancing document sharing.
  • Opting for fully customizable intranet software is crucial for organizations to align functionality with unique operational processes, fostering easier navigation, enhancing company culture, integrating applicable widgets, and boosting brand awareness.
  • Creative Social Intranet seamlessly integrates with popular HRMS/HRIS/HCS, single sign-on tools, and legacy applications, simplifying password management, enhancing security, and reducing IT workload.
  • VAPT-tested reports are generated for each Creative Social Intranet upgrade, ensuring compliance with international standards and establishing a trusted brand as a secure business communication platform.
  • Creative Social Intranet offers cost-effective on-premise and on-cloud solutions, providing flexibility for remote and on-premise work, up-to-date content management, and task automation, thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Creative Social Intranet offers a diverse range of features including an all-in-one platform for communication, collaboration, engagement, and training, scalable on-premise and secured on-cloud solutions, flexible hybrid solutions, top-notch social networking features, micro-learning for employee training, MobileFirst UI, and employee appreciation functionalities.

Creative Social Intranet does not have inbuilt HRMS or video conferencing, as it is built purely for employee engagement. But it has customization options. Any features can be customized or any 3rd party app can be integrated at an additional cost.


Pricing for Creative Social Intranet starts at $0.90 per user per month.

Creative Social Intranet FAQ’s
Q. What kinds of users and organization types does Creative Social Intranet work with?

Creative Social Intranet is used by different types of users and organizations like medium-sized businesses, small businesses, big companies, freelancers, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and startups.

Q. What languages does Creative Social Intranet support in their product?

Creative Social Intranet supports the English language in their product.

Q. What kind of support options does Creative Social Intranet offer?

Creative Social Intranet provides support through phone assistance and online resources.

Q. What other applications or services does Creative Social Intranet integrate with?

Creative Social Intranet integrates with various applications and services including Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Gmail, Jira Work Management, Jira Software, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, and Slack.

Q. Does Creative Social Intranet have a mobile app?

Yes, Creative Social Intranet offers a mobile app specifically designed for Android devices.

2. Blink

In a new wave of intelligent intranet solutions for frontline employees, Blink leads the market. Combining all the resources needed by frontline staff into one easy-to-use, secure platform, transforms any fragmented business into a robust, cohesive community. We created it to meet the unique requirements of frontline and important personnel in terms of internal communication and cooperation issues. However, it functions just as well for employees who work from home or remotely.

  • Combines all into a single app. All systems, conversations, contacts, and material are clickable with Single-Sign On. From talks to stories, from updates to required readings, and schedules to requests for holidays.
  • Connects with hundreds of additional workplace systems, ranging from well-known brands like Microsoft 365 to specialized applications used by specific industries like Green Road.
  • Gives staff members more control over content development by democratizing it away from the internal communications team.
  • Easy to use, modern, polished, entertaining, and efficient software. The frontline staff rollout procedure is simple, intuitive, and can be completed in less than a minute.
  • Enables users to communicate with people inside and outside of their businesses with ease and integrates with daily workflows.

Blink was not made for office workers; rather, it was made for frontline workers.


Pricing for Blink starts at $3.40/user/month billed annually.

Blink FAQ’s
Q. Who are the typical users of Blink?

Blink’s usual customers are big companies and medium-sized businesses.

Q. What languages does Blink Support?

Blink can be used in these languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Q. Does Blink support mobile devices?

Blink works on Android phones, iPads, and iPhones.

Q. Does Blink offer an API?

Blink does not provide an API for integration with other software or platforms.

Q. What level of support does Blink offer?

Blink provides support through various options: FAQs/forums, 24/7 Live Support with a representative, Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, and Knowledge Base.

3. Workplace

Workplace by Facebook uses tools you already know, like Facebook groups, Messenger, and video calls, to create an online teamwork platform for big companies.

  • Helps you work on team projects, have meetings, share updates, and talk with partner and client companies.
  • Works with other apps like Google Workspace, Office 365, Jira, and SharePoint.
  • Has a shared library for staff to find all the important information in one place?
  • Offers different ways to talk to the right people at the right time, like group chats or private messages with text, audio, or video.
  • Helps keep workers involved with features like comments, post translations, and polls.
  • Makes sure everyone can use the software, with controls for user access through G-Suite or Azure, access codes for workers without email, and single sign-on.
  • You can’t make pages to share information that doesn’t change.
  • Some people might worry about trusting Facebook with their data, like CERN did.

The monthly price for Workplace from Meta starts at USD 4.00 per user.

Workplace FAQ’s
Q. How many users does Workplace have?

Workplace has seven million paid users worldwide across various industries including retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, media, entertainment, hospitality, food and drink, transport, property, utilities, delivery, and government.

Q. Are Workplace and Facebook user accounts kept separate?

Yes, Workplace and Facebook accounts are kept separate. Each has its own profile and login details, and the content is never shared between your Workplace and personal Facebook account.

Q. Can employers see employees’ personal Facebook accounts?

No, employers cannot access employees’ personal Facebook accounts.

Q. What happens when an employee leaves the organization?

After an employee leaves the organization, their Workplace profile remains accessible to the admin.

Q. What support does Workplace provide?

Workplace Advanced offers one-to-one email support available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with a 24-hour initial response time SLA. Workplace Enterprise provides one-to-one email support also available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with a four-hour initial support response time SLA and priority support resolution.

4. Confluence

Confluence is a tool for sharing knowledge and working together as a team. It helps people in a company to store, organize, and work on things together online, no matter where they are.

  • Easy file sharing and collaboration within the company.
  • Comes with ready-made templates for different tasks like HR, marketing, and product work.
  • Has privacy controls and keeps data safe.
  • Works with over 3000 other apps so you can connect it with things like Slack, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • It doesn’t have all the social features that could make the workplace more fun.
  • It doesn’t have advanced options for how things look, managing tasks, or showing data.

The starting price is $55 USD per month.

Confluence FAQ’s
Q. Can Confluence be used like an intranet?

Yes, Confluence has templates for all kinds of teams and projects, so you can use them to make your intranet and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Q. What do people use Confluence for?

Confluence is a place where teams can work together and share what they know. You can make pages where you write things and work on projects together.

Q. What is the file limit for Confluence?

You can upload files up to 100MB in size.

Q. What is the data limit for Confluence?

Confluence Cloud Standard has a storage limit of 250GB, while Confluence Cloud Premium lets you have unlimited storage.

Q. Is Confluence a space or a page?

Confluence pages are where you put and work on information. These pages are grouped into spaces to help organize everything. So, spaces are like folders that hold pages.

5. SmartTask

SmartTask is a project management tool that helps make communication in your organization easier. It’s simple to use and has many features like managing tasks, collaborating with your team, tracking time, and more. It works well for teams of any size, whether they’re working from home or in the office.

  • Manage tasks in different ways like lists, boards, calendars, and timelines.
  • Handle many projects at once with portfolio and workload views.
  • Collaborate with your team by chatting, commenting, and having video meetings right from tasks.
  • Bring in clients, vendors, or others to work with you as guest users.
  • Set project goals and compare how you’re doing with your plans.
  • Make custom dashboards to see how your team is doing.
  • Connect with lots of other apps like Slack and many more.
  • Some features you might want might not be easy to find because of the simple design.
  • It might not work as well for teams that aren’t in the same place all the time.

The starting price is $7.99 per user per month (if billed yearly).

SmartTask FAQ’s
Q. How to see how much SmartTask is used by organization members?

Click on the Chart icon.
A window called “Productivity Scoring” will pop up.
Choose who you want to see data for and what time.
Click on the download button to get the data as a CSV file.

Q. How does smart task work?

SmartTask works by bringing together smart scheduling, real-time monitoring, and proof of attendance for both fixed and mobile teams. This helps improve control over operations, make customers happier, and ensure the safety and well-being of staff members.

Q. Is SmartTask available as a Mobile app?

Yes, SmartTask is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

6. Interact

Are you searching for a social intranet platform? Interact might be the one for you. It’s a top choice for those who want something fun and interactive, not just the usual corporate stuff. Interact lets you chat, share things, and work together.

  • Let’s you chat and share stuff from one place.
  • You can make it look like your company.
  • Helps you see how well your intranet is doing, like what people like to read and search for.
  • Helps you send important messages in many ways, and see who reads them.
  • Supports surveys and polls to see how people feel and get feedback.
  • Helps you send messages to the right groups of workers.
  • It doesn’t work with Google’s tools.
  • Some people might have trouble finding things with the search.
  • Small businesses might find it hard to use without a team to help.

The starting price of Interact Intranet is $ 576/User/Month/Billed Annually.

Interact FAQ’s
Q. Does Interact Software provide API?

Yes, Interact Software provides API.

Q. What are intranet sites?

Intranet sites are like private websites used by people within a company. They’re only for authorized members to share information. They’re like a company’s own news channel, a way to talk to each other, and a place to work together.

Q. Is Interact suitable for small businesses?

No, interact is made for bigger organizations, not smaller ones. But you can still check out our guides for help.

Q. Can I get access to the trial?

That’s okay. We have short trial periods available after a quick tour of the main features. Just give us your details, and we can get started.

Q. Is there a customer community for help & resources?

Yes, we do. We have the world’s largest intranet community for our customers. It’s full of support materials, updates on product releases, videos, and forums.

7. Staffbase

Staffbase is a company that makes software for big businesses. Their software helps employees who work in different places talk to each other. It’s easy to use and has features like instant notifications, sharing content, and working with other tools.

  • Makes it easy for workers to share and find work-related stuff in one place, like pictures and documents.
  • Lots of big companies use it.
  • Let workers tell managers about schedules, and how things are going, and talk to each other.
  • Comes with tools to see how many people use it and how it helps the company.
  • You can change how it looks to match your company.
  • Connects with other tools you might already use, like Office 365, SharePoint, and SAP.
  • It’s not great at telling you how people use it.
  • It’s mostly for big companies, so workers who aren’t at a desk might not get to use it.

Free Trial available.

Staffbase FAQ’s
Q: Does Staffbase have an API?

Yes, Staffbase has an API.

Q. What level of support does Staffbase offer?

Staffbase offers the following support options: FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Chat, Phone Support, Email/Help Desk.

Q. Who are typical users of Staffbase?

Staffbase has the following typical customers: Large Enterprises, Mid-Size Businesses, Non-Profit, and Public administration.

Q. What language does Staffbase support?

Staffbase supports the following languages: English, French, German

Q. Does Staffbase support mobile devices?

Staffbase supports the following devices: Android, iPad, iPhone

8. SharePoint

SharePoint is a basic website that works on the internet and links with Microsoft Office. Companies use it to store, organize, and share files and information inside their company. Employees can use SharePoint from any device.

  • Works well with other Microsoft programs.
  • Let’s divide your employees into groups, each with their calendar and timeline.
  • Allows employees in a group to send private messages.
  • Has tools like lists, libraries, and apps to make forms and apps for different devices.
  • Helps manage files with different versions and controls who can see them.

It can be expensive to set up, not many people might use it, and it might be hard to use – especially on phones.

  • SharePoint Online Plan 1: $5.00/user/month
  • SharePoint Online Plan 2: $10.00/user/month
SharePoint FAQ’s
Q. Who usually uses SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is used by these types of customers: Freelancers, Large Companies, Medium-Sized Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses.

Q. What language does SharePoint support?

Microsoft SharePoint can be used in these languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Q. Does SharePoint support mobile devices?

SharePoint can be used on these devices: Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, iPhones

Q. Does SharePoint offer an API?

No, Microsoft SharePoint does not have an API available.

Q. What level of support does SharePoint offer?

SharePoint provides support through various channels including FAQs/Forum, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live rep), Email/Help Desk, Chat, and Knowledge Base.

9. Jive

Jive is a software used inside companies for talking working together, and sharing information.

  • Helps workers stay updated, connected, and engaged by making it easy to talk in different ways and share files.
  • Uses AI to understand what workers are good at and what they need help with, and helps put together teams that work well together.
  • Let’s send news updates to workers on their phones or computers, and they can reply, comment, and share.
  • Allows you to share videos, either your own or from websites like Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Gives you one place to see all your messages and conversations.

The software can be hard to understand, and it doesn’t work well with other programs.


Free Trial available.

Jive FAQ’s
Q: Who uses Jive and what types of organizations does it work with?

Jive works with different kinds of users and organizations including Mid-Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelancers, Nonprofits, Governments, and Startups.

Q: What languages can you use with Jive?

Jive supports only English.

Q: What help can you get from Jive?

Jive offers support through phone calls, 24/7 live support, and online help.

Q: What apps or services can Jive work with?

Jive can work with these apps and services: AppFusions, Bitium, Box, Cisco Jabber, Google Drive, Dropbox, Eloqua, Facebook, Gmail, Google Docs, Highspot, Upland Kapost, LinkedIn, Lucidchart, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Qumu, Rublon, Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, TemboSocial Comments, X (Twitter), Cisco Webex, Wrike, and Zoom in.

Q: Does Jive have a phone app?

Yes, Jive has a phone app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

10. Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool for making websites. It helps people inside a company work together by letting them create sites for their team without needing to know how to code.

  • It’s good for sharing information from the top of a company down to the rest of the team.
  • It’s easy to connect with other Google services like Docs, Drive, and Calendar.
  • You can arrange your content the way you want with a simple drag-and-drop tool.
  • You can work with others on the site and control who can see it, like with Google Docs and Drive.

It’s not great for encouraging people to communicate and share openly like on social media.


To use Google Sites for business, you need to get a Google Workspace subscription. It costs at least $6 per user every month.

Google Sites FAQ’s
Q: Who can use Google Sites?

Google Sites is for these kinds of users and organizations: Mid-Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelance, nonprofits, Government, and startups.

Q: What languages does Google Sites support?

Google Sites supports only the English language.

Q: What support does Google Sites offer?

Google Sites offers support through 24/7 live assistance and online help.

Q: What apps or services does Google Sites connect with?

Google Sites links up with various applications and services including Chimpa, ChipBot, CubeBackup, Docswave, Google Drive, Elfsight, EqualWeb, Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Apps Script, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Domains, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Jotform, Kiwi for Gmail, Netfirms, Shift, StorageCraft Cloud Backup, Seismic Knowledge, and Yandex.Business.

Q: What kind of training does Google Sites offer?

Google Sites offers training through written guides and live online sessions.

Selecting the appropriate intranet software for your company is a significant choice. According to studies, 16% of employees have quit because they thought their employer’s technology was insufficient.

Once you select intranet software, you’ll need to use it for some time. There is a learning curve specific to each platform, and switching to a new one is not simple. Additionally, you’ll learn a great deal about the one you select.

For this reason, completing your homework is essential. Consider your priorities and the things you need. Investigate your possibilities and remember to check out demonstrations and free trials. The easiest way to determine which intranet software is ideal for your company is to test them.

Alternatives to Creative Social Intranet

Creative Social Intranet
5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol

Starting from:

No pricing found

Overall Rating

5 star-symbol
4.8 (8)
Ease of Use
5 star-symbol
Customer Service
5 star-symbol
5 star-symbol
Value for Money
5 star-symbol
Microsoft SharePoint
5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol

Starting from:

Not provided by vendor

Pricing Model:

Flat Rate

Overall Rating

5 star-symbol
4.3 (5068)
Ease of Use
5 star-symbol
Customer Service
5 star-symbol
5 star-symbol
Value for Money
5 star-symbol
eXo Platform
5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol

Starting from:

$5.00/per Month

Pricing Model:

Per User

Overall Rating

5 star-symbol
4.6 (115)
Ease of Use
5 star-symbol
Customer Service
5 star-symbol
5 star-symbol
Value for Money
5 star-symbol
5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol 5 star-symbol

Starting from:

No pricing found

Overall Rating

5 star-symbol
4.8 (111)
Ease of Use
5 star-symbol
Customer Service
5 star-symbol
5 star-symbol
Value for Money
5 star-symbol

Employee engagement portal for better internal communication and appreciation. Creative Social Intranet Software is an Employee Intranet Portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

Companies don’t give recognition to employees

Leading business leaders estimate that 70% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged which affects the company’s productivity by up to 50%. According to leading HR professionals, an employee recognition strategy will improve business success. Currently, only 14% of organizations provide HR managers with the necessary tools for recognition.

Employees need real recognition

As per a survey in 2016, 67% of employees rate recognition as the top motivator for performance (above all other financial and non-financial incentives). Despite this, how many organizations serve employees with awards and recognition? Making engagement happen needs to be the single most important business challenge of the next decade and the focal point of the war for talent.

Employee Engagement Portal

Measuring the efficiency of a particular set of employees within the organization, Tracking their daily tasks, studying weekly submissions and analyzing quarterly report have become old age methods that still continue to run within the organization.

Enterprise social platform is thus an upgraded or extended version of a conventional intranet wherein the association with social media platforms.

For this, they need specially designed HR software which allows collaboration and management. As email and traditional collaboration tools are outdated and slow, human resource intranet software comes into play.

Cloud based intranet is one such approach utilized by organizations to improve their overall performance. Apart from portability, cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing.

It’s an online application that uses the Internet as distributed informal retrieval system. Here, information is represented by the web in HTML format and HTTP is used for communication.

Online intranet solutions are thus marked by a private network of computers with the in-house server and firewall of the enterprise.Such intranet solutions thus have an application in a number of enterprises that prefer to manage their work.

The very thought of having such a collaborative platform for internal employee as well as for external partners is all that possible to have in the form of enterprise social media.

Cloud based intranet is one such approach utilized by organizations to improve their overall performance. Apart from portability, cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing.

E-learning stems from the ongoing incorporation of technology—specifically computer systems and mobile devices—into learning and business environments.E-learning allows you to expand your knowledge whenever and wherever.

The corporate communication software is an Intranet application that enables staff to exchange information and hold discussions.The software should always be secure since they are holding sensitive and secretive information that is transacted by the business entity.

Employee recognition impacts the bottom line with the employee engagement portal

Employees who receive weekly or monthly peer-to-peer recognition are happier and have a stronger emotional commitment to their jobs. Recognized employees are willing to invest their voluntary attainment to achieve future business results. Captivating the talent war is now more crucial than ever. Leading corporates in India are now facing unprecedented challenges including technological disruption, macroeconomic change, industry consolidation, changing demographics and demands along with the exorbitant cost of replacing employees. Future plans and company success cannot be achieved without great people and engaged employees.

In order to attract the talent to stay persistent with the company for future success and to develop an employment brand, corporates need to develop a work culture that puts employee recognition, appreciation, and people first. Peer-to-peer employee recognition and awards are the single most effective way of reducing employee turnover. Companies with effective employee recognition programs achieved 31% lower voluntary turnover. Engaged employees in an organization are 87% less likely to leave their jobs.

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