Employee Engagement Portal

Employee engagement portal for a better internal communication and appreciation.

Creative Social Intranet Software is an Employee Intranet Portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

Companies don’t give enough recognition to employees


Leading business leaders estimate that 70% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged which affects the company productivity by up to 50%. According to leading HR professionals, employee recognition strategy will improve business success. Currently, only 14% of organizations provide HR managers with the necessary tools for recognition.

Employees in the company need real recognition


As per a survey in 2016, 67% of employees rate recognition as the top motivator for performance (above all other financial and non-financial incentives). Despite this, how many organization serve employee with awards and recognition? Making engagement happen needs to be the single most important business challenge of the next decade and the focal point of the war for talent.

Employee recognition impacts the bottom line with employee engagement portal

Employees which receive weekly or monthly peer to peer recognition are happier and have a stronger emotional commitment to their jobs. Recognized employees are willing to invest their voluntary attainment to achieve future business results. Captivating the talent war is now more crucial than ever. Leading corporates in India are now facing unprecedented challenges including technological disruption, macroeconomic change, industry consolidation, changing demographics and demands along with the exorbitant cost of replacing employees. Future plans and company success cannot be achieved without great people and engaged employees.

In order to attract the talent to stay persistent with the company for future success and to develop an employment brand, corporates need to develop a work culture that puts employee recognition, appreciation, and people first. Peer to peer employee recognition and awards is the single most effective way of reducing employee turnover. Companies with effective employee recognition programs achieved 31% lower voluntary turnover. Engaged employees in an organization are 87% less likely to leave their jobs.

Why Creative Social Intranet for Employee Engagement?

The employee recognition game is changing. Millennials (aged 20-32) will be dominating the workforce near 2020. Creative Social Intranet is an innovative intranet solution built for the millennials as well as Gen Y workforce with an easy to use interface and much-required employee engagement features. Creative Social intranet is a next-generation employee engagement portal with a Facebook-like interface, simple and lightweight solution that drives meaningful recognition and makes engagement happen.

Single Sign On Intranet App

An intranet application which doesnot makes employees remember multiple logins and passwords. Our SSO feature extends the ability of your active directory’s single sign-on seamlessly.

Personalized Newsfeed

Employees should be aware of the company and global latest news and trends. This makes them creative with their work and helps in reducing the time allotted to the work process. Personalised news feed feature enables the admin to select a particular news to be displayed to a specific group of people in an organization.

Peer Recognition and Rewards

Employee appreciation is important when it comes to improving work culture. Let every member of your enterprise congratulate the award winner by announcing in rewards and recognition section. This rewards and recognitions will be seen on every employees personal profile page.

Social Game Experience

Energize and motivate employees through social game-like experiences and peer recognitions. Share blogs, feeds, images and receive likes, comments on your posts. Send recognitions to your colleagues on daily basis thus making your intranet highly engaged.

Streamline Team Communication

Segment Your Intranet into Spaces, Departments, Groups of Human resources, marketing, sales, product management, R&D, IT, customer support - Engage all your departments and streamline them strategically.

Real Time Analytics

Identify talent and improve engagement through real-time metrics and analytics. Enable polls with poll feature and get real time data of employees survey on company growth and work culture. Cultivate new processes using the metrics from your company intranet.

HR Resource Hub

Enable employee success through customized training and development programs through surveys & questionnaires, case studies, heath & wellness section, cohort groups for learning, a complete knowledge base with easy sharing and downloading.

An intranet for the Millennials

Create collaboration by connecting employees across functions and geographies with Creative Social Intranet, an employee engagement intranet that can be accessed from any location, anytime, using one Url, online or offline, from any medium, desktop or mobile. Yes, our intranet is 100% mobile friendly.

Augment Employee Efficiency with Creative Social Intranet

Measuring the efficiency of a particular set of employees within the organization, Tracking their daily tasks, studying weekly submissions and analyzing quarterly report have become old age methods that still continue to run within the organization.

Best Enterprise Social Network Application

Enterprise social platform is thus an upgraded or extended version of a conventional intranet wherein the association with social media platforms.

HR Intranet Software

For this, they need specially designed HR software which allows collaboration and management.As email and traditional collaboration tools are outdated and slow, human resource intranet software comes into play.

Best Cloud Intranet

Cloud based intranet is one such approach utilized by organizations to improve their overall performance.Apart from portability, cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing.

Web Based Intranet

It’s an online application that uses the Internet as distributed informal retrieval system. Here, information is represented by the web in HTML format and HTTP is used for communication.

Intranet Application

Online intranet solutions are thus marked by a private network of computers with the in-house server and firewall of the enterprise.Such intranet solutions thus have an application in a number of enterprises that prefer to manage their work.

Enterprise Social Media

The very thought of having such a collaborative platform for internal employee as well as for external partners is all that possible to have in the form of enterprise social media.

Best Intranet Website

Cloud based intranet is one such approach utilized by organizations to improve their overall performance.Apart from portability, cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing.

E-learning, Training & Knowledge Management

E-learning stems from the ongoing incorporation of technology—specifically computer systems and mobile devices—into learning and business environments.E-learning allows you to expand your knowledge whenever and wherever.

Corporate Communication & Collaboration

The corporate communication software is an Intranet application that enables staff to exchange information and hold discussions.The software should always be secure since they are holding sensitive and secretive information that is transacted by the business entity.