Intranet Solutions For Real Estate Companies India

Intranet Solutions For Real Estate Companies India

Creative Social Intranet helps to tackle the information sprawl In Real Estate Company


Why Real estate companies need a Social Intranet?

A Social Intranet serves as a modern workplace for employees. Few objectives are mentioned below.

  • Provides collaboration tools for employees to share files, images, data from any location.
  • Broadcast important information throughout the organization through news and announcements.
  • Mark important events tagging users.
  • Rewards and recognition of performers.
  • Post company policies and real estate Rera details.
  • A content management system to store information.
  • Replacing cluttered, crowded emails.

Creative Social Intranet is a place for enterprises whereby their employees can have access to company data and project status. Our intranet workplace for real estate organizations comes equipped with day to day operations and to devise an effective means of internal communication. Real estate companies have their offices spread out in different locations which poses a big challenge in communication and collaboration. Creative Social Intranet can be accessed from any location and is mobile responsive.

Advantages of Internal Communication Software to Real Estate Industries
  • Internal communication enables smooth operations of the organization.
  • Social Intranet Software motivates the employees of an organization.
  • Internal communication generally provides a good relationship among senior staff and subordinates.
  • Provides control and gives access to users defined for communication and data management.
  • Enables smooth coordination.
  • Retains employees and enables job satisfaction.
  • Improves company productivity.
  • And enables efficiency.
  • Helps gain innovation with exchange of Ideas.