A centralized workplace to access company information

A website that employees view as being customized for them will get much more usage with the case study feature on your company intranet.


Share case studies for employee training on the company intranet

A company’s intranet site can be one of its most valuable assets, but only if employees use it. A site that employees recognize as custom-designed for them will attract much more useful than one that seems imposed from above or outside with the case study feature in your company intranet.


Let’s See our Social Intranet Features in detail

Get Updates on the Latest Case Studies

Employees can see the latest case studies available for download on your company intranet dashboard. Case Studies help company employees to get exposure to real-life situations which otherwise is difficult. It truly helps in employee training.

Accelerate Employee Training with Project Case Studies

Company case studies improve -analytical thinking, communication, developing tolerance for different views on the same subject, ability to defend one’s own point of view with logic and enhance teamwork of the employees making them efficient over time. The inbuilt HTML editor allows you to add images, embed videos, colors, and backgrounds to the descriptions. Attach files for downloads to employees or specific departments within your company.

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Stimulate Company Research into Case Studies on Intranet

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