CMS Intranet Solutions India

CMS Intranet Solutions India

Intranet plays key role in determining the EX factor of your company which is called Employee Experience

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Creative Social CMS Intranet with a centralized collaborative area where knowledge can simply be constructed, securely stored, recovered and given with proper intranet users or organizations. This application linked with the intranet/extranet program offers representatives a comprehensive digital workspace as they can share information, finally cooperate and fulfill job tasks and projects.

CMS Intranet

Intranet plays key role in determining the EX factor of your company which is called Employee Experience. It includes everything from salary, work culture, training opportunities and human connect with others associates. So we can say that intranet can make or break your EX metric which is the primary reason to consider Intranet CMS as an important aspect.

As per latest survey studies, more than 80% of the executives rate employee experience as an important goal of their working strategy while there are few companies who admit that they are not ready to face the challenges linked with delivering EX.

Intranet is like building a living library of helpful documents, instructional materials and self-help information. CMS aka Content Management System is a platform that can build deploy and manage the intranet ecosystem of your company. Employees don’t need to leverage multiple technologies for their day to day tasks like sharing document or tracking progress report. Instead all the activities are roofed under a single system called Intranet Platform. It is an easy to use solution for collaboration and knowledge sharing with features like social elements, document management, sophisticated workflows and security groups etc. All the features are there at your disposal to form a centralized hub which caters everyone’s need.

Collaboration comes next which is achieved by social elements, tools and shared workspace. It includes collaboration of different departments and offices located across globe and even the remote workers. Last but not the least is management and executive portal which can provide the view of consolidated data and operations happening across organization.
Intranet software product from a known agency like Creative Social Intranet makes it easy for you to organize and share your company’s knowledge and assets across departments and with customers and partners. The fundamentals and deal breaker features to invest time and money in CMS Intranet are easy usage, easy installation, top notch security, advance search function, personalization and mobile intranet.
Any company who wants to go to CMS implementation should begin by making a list of business problems which are to be solved. The list should well explain the specific requirements. This process well help you choose best suited CMS system for your setup rather than going for most popular or well-liked software.

CMSs come in all shapes and sizes, each having its own set of characteristics and benefits. Specification of a perfect CMS is based on company’s requirement and resources. While choosing a perfect CMS for your organization you should have clarity on business operations to be supported, budgeting, different user groups and technologies to be integrated. Executives can create and share calendars for an easy tracking of appointments which will help employees to keep projects and tasks on schedule. It provides a platform to create employee engagement campaigns and efficient communication amongst them which is surely more alluring than conventional email or letter system. There are varied use cases which we have identified for using an Intranet CMS. The very first is to create an employee portal or called enterprise portal. Secondly, the onboarding process of new employees so that they are well versed with organization setup.