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A community portal could be a very useful, cost-effective option for your organization’s administration and management if you are a community organization working with a variety of local groups.

A Community Portal that actually communicates

Community groups and organizations are the foundation of our neighborhood. Giving us an inclusive variety of services, they contain charitable organizations as well as non-profits, native sports clubs, and interest-based groups. They have an important role to play in improving the social prosperity and the community life of our towns and cities. Nearly by definition although, they have a tendency to be cash-strapped and budget aware. To a great extent on donations, they are continuously searching for cost-effective solutions. So, if you are a community organization or are observing obtaining alongside a variety of local groups, then a community portal could be a very practical cost-effective choice that will help with your organization’s administration and management. It might save you valuable dollars that instead are often to be spent on front-line services. Interested? Read on to discover a number of the ways in which a creative social intranet community portal can add value to your community group.


It is a recurrent trouble for community organizations: how to stay in contact with a generally remote workforce of volunteers. The community portal is one easily applied solution. With news feeds and the latest updates, the community portal is a top-notch vehicle for distributing key messages to everybody concerned in the organization. So, whether or not it’s to advise participants of the date for the annual universal meeting, the most recent national fundraising campaign or to tell them about new volunteers joining the team, the community intranet portal will guarantee that everyone is up to speed with the most recent improvements.
There is no requirement to send out all staff-type emails which – if they’re examined in the first place – are very hard to in consequence hit upon when you desire to double-check a vibrant piece of information. All news posts are held in a central place within the intranet and the intuitive menu as well as proper search functionality makes it convenient to find what you’re looking for. The consequence is enhanced internal communications both for paid office-based staff and the far-off team of volunteers.

The Solutions

The development of a common sense of identification for a spread workforce is another challenge for community groups and non-profits. And the community portal can benefit to address this too. Onboarding new employees and volunteers through an online portal program is a superb way to install in new employees the organization’s core vision and values. What’s additional, higher internal communications and increased opportunities for in-progress dialogue with senior managers through blogs are a very significant vehicle for guaranteeing that employees have a voice that is listened to and acted on. In a comparable vein, quizzes, and surveys on the community portal are other wonderful ways to canvass employees’ opinions. Promoting a complete working environment in methods such as these that permit employees to add to the organization’s ways will in turn encourage a positive corporate identity.

CSI Community Portal Connecting Communities with an Intranet

A central community calendar on the portal operates as a one supply of organizational reality when it comes to significant events or key deadlines. Volunteers and employee will be sure that the information on the calendar is the most up to date. So, if an employee wants to examine the deadline for submitting an expense claim, or an employee is searching for information on the raising support then the information is effectively open with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Keeping prices to a minimum is crucial for cash-needy community groups. And for a very low monthly fee, a cloud-based portal proposals unlimited users and unlimited data storage. Also, as being a non- expensive solution, a community portal additionally provides cost simple task – there’s no hidden extras or sudden charges. Furthermore, that is great news for your community group or organization.

Fundraising is the lifeblood of each community organization and a portal will assist in managing and coordinating this essential task. From storing a central database of employees that you can simply will to draw for collections in shopping malls, to organizing and advertising for national or local events for example, sponsored walks and gala balls, the portal will soon emerge as an essential tool. Also, you can enable restricted public access to your community portal in an extra net kind of preparation. This is often beneficial for building those all-important customized relationships with potential donors and sponsors. And also, it has the additional advantage of being a good time saver as there is much less duplication of effort: common messages can be posted through one medium alternatively than more than one outlet.

If the above need has not satisfied you yet of the numerous advantages on offer with a cloud intranet style community portal, then consider this. With excessive handiness and up-time – normally 99.99% – community portals are very reliable, likely extra so than your existing systems. And things in the ery ultra-modern web security protocols, giving you complete confidence in the integrity of your data, then it is actually a no-brainer.

Cloud-based portals provide current templates that can be adapted to go well with the requirements of any community group.

Let’s find out!

  • Every mechanical solution for community organizations should be straightforward to adopt and maintain on a regular basis. Of course, capital is constrained both in terms of available cash and labor time.
  • Cloud-based portals provide current templates that can be adapted to go well with the requirements of any community group.
  • In addition, putting in place a community portal could be an easy method so that even a non-technical novice will have a professional-looking internet portal up and running in a very short period of time.
  • The in-built and acquainted file explorer interface capability that actually anyone can do it. Furthermore, with regards to progressing the board, it is similarly easy and complicated.
  • It is amazingly simple to update or delete content, add and remove users or set up permission rules to restrict access to sensitive information.
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