Intranet Solutions for Resource Sharing India

Employees those are located in multiple locations for eg: a staff outsourcing company faces difficulty in adapting towards internal communication. An intranet which is accessible from any location and any device

Intranet can Encourage Employee Communication

Promoting a Cohesive Company Culture

By Gathering News and Articles from Various Places and Teams in One Spot

Web Based Intranet

Web-based Intranets are the system of various devices, methods, and help in to manage a broad level of work within a company. Executing a reliable, protected, and powerful working environment to help the business daily operations and its market is the most challenging job covered by the assistance and department staff today. Contemporary administration systems typically involve the use of separate, incompatible tools and techniques for engineering systems, operations, and quality.

Mobile Intranet

Creative Social Intranet is lead in cloud-based Intranet, commitment, collaboration & HR software. Companies of all sizes use our results to regenerate, strengthen and streamline many of the siloed purposes employees use into one individual platform. Our combined platform enables representatives to work in one situation dramatically improving selection, operator engagement, and organization productivity.

Encourage Employee Communication through Social Features

Social intranet allows to store HR documents online, update them whenever requires or replace them with new versions. Documents like company policies and procedures, job descriptions and compensation information, leave information for employees can be updated and notified to all employees through intranet.

A company has multiple information like human resource database, employee directory, feed backs, testimonials, polls and survey on new developments and strategies. All these can be collected easily in the Social Intranet. HR can also create an intranet e-form to perform a needs assessment of staff.

Everything from planning, scheduling and delivering training can be done on the Social intranet. Text, photos, slideshows, and videos can be embedded in the Content management section on the intranet. The e-learning resources can be give user access rights.

The task management feature allows to allocate tasks, track the timelines, and delays. It even helps as an HRMS. Performance tracking and appraisals can also be done on the intranet. Best performing employee can be rewarded and recommended which will be seen the intranet leader board and appreciated by all.

Save valuable HR time and resource with online tools like e-quiz for employee e learning, take feed backs on new strategies, give recommendations to employees, manage online polls and surveys.

A digital workplace helps build an unified culture in your organization. In today’s growing challenge and priority for the HR professionals, providing a positive employee experience plays a vital role. Employer branding is now consistently cited as a top consideration for Millennial who are seeking opportunities. They look for purpose than money whole working in an organization.

Social Intranet helps in Motivating, recognizing performance and manage your employees development.

With a proper on boarding process made accessible online seamlessly helps retain employees and thus reduce employee turnover.

Encourage Employee Communication through Social Features
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