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Intranet Solution for Banks

Customised Intranet Application

Intranet is one place for your employees, your bank documents and all your financial data. Creative Social Intranet takes the intranet for banks to a top-notch with collaboration and communication tools that aid employees to unite and come together for better, easier communiqué.

Publish bank news and announcements on your company Intranet site and assure that everyone has been updated about the same. Creative Social Intranet provides you with a variety of publishing tools to circulate the information out to your employees, from the smallest team announcement to major financial news impacting your organization. Commenting and pressing “like” buttons make it easy for employees to share their views. Flag your matter as “required” to track reader activity and be acquainted that your team got the message.

Creative Social Intranet makes it easier than ever before to get things done at your credit union, banks, or financial institution by connecting people and taking action with more ease and unifying your organization. You can give your employee’s easy access to your intranet anywhere, anytime.

Creative Social Intranet allows you to create dedicated and dynamic workplace for all of your bank departments, branches and groups and keeps everyone updated on latest news, files, events and conversations. Add and remove members any time, invite people even from outside your organization. Privacy and authorizations are 100% under your control.

Every employee acquires a superior user profile in Creative Social Intranet. Again, it’s not just limited to just contact information. Using our Intranet solution for banks, your people can post status updates, links, blogs, events, images and even videos on their page, making it more like a professional social hub rather than just a contact card.

Documents and files are the lifeblood of the financial organisations like union banks, co-operative banks, private banks, regional banks and commercial institutions. Creative Social Intranet simplifies and fastens the entire process of storing, finding and sending & receiving important documents.

Handling your data is quite critical in the financial and banking space. With Creative Social Intranet software, administrators can agree on exactly what data gets archived also how much, where and when, and what gets deleted permanently. Version history keeps copies of previous versions of content, so you can compare versions and no data is lost until you choose to delete it.

Quickly trace who is using the intranet and know it. The Creative Social Intranet user activity can be tracked and accessed by admins.

Creative Social Intranet’s widespread security and permissions features give admins maximum control to fine-tune user-rights settings.

Creative Social Intranet’s integrated task management and project management tools make it effortless to plan and track progress from anywhere, on any device. No other productivity apps are needed for Staff to manage their time while using the intranet.

Easy-to-use Intranet software

An unified intranet software for banks that overcomes barriers

Creative Social Intranet keeps you rooted in what matters the most: Your esteemed financial customers and of course your loyal members. Creative Social Intranet’s easy-to-use Intranet software for banks modernizes organization for your bank, credit union, or financial institutions. The wait is over. Now connect your people with the tools and gears they need to give the customers and members the service they really deserve.

An intranet software for banks that will overcome.

  • Safe data sharing
  • Different access levels
  • Easy 2 way communication
  • Document viewing and tracking
  • Helpdesk trouble ticketing
  • Banks circular updates
  • Employee polls and surveys
Employee Dashboard Features

Centralize your Company Employee Information and Communication with a Modern Intranet for Employees.

Employee Profile

It’s a great tool to help company intranet user to understand more about their colleagues and is a vital thing in building the Company Org Chart.

Employee Directory

A comprehensive employee directory to pull data from multiple sources, and to add valuable data such as hobbies, interests, rewards or qualifications.

Employee Groups

Our intranet supports creating groups/departments for brainstorming, employee collaboration, project management or to support a common interest or location.

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Corporate Intranet Computing

Successfully Deployed Intranet Software to Top Indian Banks and Financial Institutions

Bank intranet software casestudy

Leading Indian bank replaces SharePoint with secured intranet for 2500 employees, boosting collaboration and engagement.

Creative Social Intranet’s easy-to-use Intranet software for banks modernizes internal comms for your bank, credit union, or financial institutions. Our banking customers love Creative Social Intranet because it has the deep security and features they need, without compromising on the end-user experience for their employees.

We have successfully deployed On-premise intranet to leading co-operative banks & financial institutions in India. Few in the list are:

  • Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank
  • HDFC Private Sector Bank
  • Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • Dovetail Capital Pvt. Ltd.

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