Intranet Solution For Banks

Intranet For Banks

Intranet software for credit unions, banks, and financial services

Creative Social Intranet keeps you rooted in what matters the most: Your esteem financial customers and of course your loyal members. Creative Social Intranet’s easy-to-use Intranet software for banks modernizes organization for your bank, credit union, or financial institutions. The wait is over. Now connect your people with the tools and gears they need to give the customers and members the service they really deserve.

What is INTRANET Software for BANKS???

An Intranet is basically an application of Internet technology, within the organizational boundaries more specifically Corporate Home page World Wide Web technology. The Information, News Feed, Polls, and Profiles are some of the very same technology applied in Search servers, browsers, protocols, Engine etc., but here in Creative Social Intranet the access is restricted and limited exclusively to organizational Computing Intranet.
For example by means of Organizational Server Database "firewalls”, the intranet is physically separated from the external network.
Such an Intranet application designed for credit unions, banks, and financial services are termed as INTRANET Software for BANKS.


Listed are the key features of Intranet software for banks

  • Centralize information resource
  • Friendly Work Atmosphere
  • Team collaboration
  • Learning while working
  • Knowledge management base
  • Effective Knowledge Management
  • Training
  • Increase bank productivity
  • Increase Accountability
  • Team collaboration
  • Workflow
  • Reduce rework
  • Mobile Integration with access 24/7/365
  • Complete project faster
  • Content Management System
  • Access work from anywhere, anytime, round the clock.
Functional Module
  • User Panel Administrator Control Panel
  • User Login
  • Login
  • Welcome Page & Profile
  • Manage User List
  • Wall Post
  • Manage Department
  • Search
  • Manage User Gallery
  • Other User Profile
  • Manage News
  • Event & Poll Module
  • Manage Events
  • Media Gallery – Photos, Videos and Audios
  • Manage Documents
  • Document Gallery – Documents
  • Manage Blogs
  • Private Message & Chat Module
  • Manage Polls
  • Conference Room Module
  • Manage Currency Convertor
  • Blogs Module
  • Manage Company Info, Workplace Info, Knowledge
  • Knowledge Centre Module Centre Info
  • Address Book Module
  • Links Book Module
  • Company Info Module
  • Work Place Module

Few Benefits of every Intranet software for credit unions, banks, and financial services

Amalgamate your employees and make collaboration easy

One place for your employees, your documents and all your data.
Creative Social Intranet takes the intranet to a top-notch with collaboration and communication tools that aid employees to unite and come together for better, easier communiqué.

Internal communications

Publish company news and announcements on your company Intranet site and assure that everyone has been updated about the same.
Creative Social Intranet provides you with a variety of publishing tools to circulate the information out to your employees, from the smallest team announcement to major financial news impacting your organization. Commenting and pressing "like" buttons make it easy for employees to share their views. Flag your matter as "required" to track reader activity and be acquainted that your team got the message.

Mobile Intranet. Your intranet. Anywhere, Everywhere. Anytime.

Creative Social Intranet makes it easier than ever before to get things done at your credit union, banks, or financial institution by connecting people and taking action with more ease and unifying your organization. You can give your employee’s easy access to your intranet anywhere, anytime.

Workspaces for every department and team

Creative Social Intranet allows you to create dedicated and dynamic workspaces for all of your teams, departments and groups and keeps everyone updated on latest news, files, events and conversations. Add and remove members any time, invite people even from outside your organization. Privacy and authorizations are 100% under your control.

Staff directory and employee profiles

Let your people find each other with much ease.
Every employee acquires a superior user profile in Creative Social Intranet. Again, it's not just limited to just contact information. Using our Intranet solution for banks, your people can post status updates, links, blogs, events, images and even videos on their page, making it more like a professional social hub rather than just a contact card.
Creative Social Intranet's company directory makes it easy to get the exact person on the job when you need help in finding someone with a specific area of expertise.

Document management

Documents and files are the lifeblood of the financial industry like bank or credit union.
Creative Social Intranet simplifies and fastens the entire process of storing, finding and sending & receiving important documents.

Customizable logging features

Now store or delete data at your terms.
Handling your data is quite critical in the financial and banking space. With Creative Social Intranet software, administrators can agree on exactly what data gets archived also how much, where and when, and what gets deleted permanently.
Version history keeps copies of previous versions of content, so you can compare versions and no data is lost until you choose to delete it.

User activity audits

Eradicate the "who’s done it" question
Quickly trace who is using the intranet and know it. The Creative Social Intranet user activity can be tracked and accessed by admins.

security and permissions

Protect your intranet and protect your data
Creative Social Intranet's widespread security and permissions features give admins maximum control to fine-tune user-rights settings.

Task tracking and project management

Creative Social Intranet's integrated task management and project management tools make it effortless to plan and track progress from anywhere, on any device.
No other productivity apps are needed for Staff to manage their time while using the intranet.

With Creative Social Intranet, now Launch an Intranet software for your bank or credit union within days, not months.

This Creative social intranet software is much more flexible, more powerful and highly customizable, thus it's anything but complicated. Remember Creative Social Intranet is a new kind of intranet software solutions that you can launch without extensive development resources and with much ease. Book a demo now and see for yourself how Creative Social Intranet has transformed financial institutions across the globe.