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Schedule Off-Site Meetings with help of Weather Forecast On Intranet

Weather Forecast


Weather Forecast Widget in Creative Social Intranet

Live Weather Forecast Details on Employee Dashboard

Many factors influence the ebb and flow of the business from lunchtime to holidays; throughout the day, week, month, and year. When employees are able to perceive the present status of the weather, they can seamlessly organize their off-site meetings. Additionally, it’s another way to upsurge employee engagement within your Company Intranet.

Customized Options

It is possible to customize the display of the forecast by customizing settings like metric or imperial measurement, the size of the widget, editable title bars, custom CSS, number of forecasts to be displayed in the forecast bar in addition to that user can also tailor the background image for different weather.

Set Number of Forecasts

On your Company Intranet, you can set the number of forecast days that you want to appear on the widget. The maximum number of days that can be selected is seven days and the minimum is one day. The widget also offers numerous weather icons to choose from.  

Advantages of having weather forecast feature

The World Meteorological Organisation says weather forecasting is a vital element for developing countries as well as developed countries “in order to meet the food, fodder, fibre and renewable Agri-energy needs of rapidly growing populations”. Companies can plan their production process, promotion strategies and offsite meetings with the help of the weather forecast.

Many studies have shown that weather plays a vital role in customer behaviour. You need to understand how weather affects the moods of your specific customers and schedule effectively. For example, adding sunshine, clouds or even severe storms can affect the number of patrons you get on any given day.

Knowing the weather forecast aids in an employee to determine the size of the workforce you will need during any particular event. Employees can effectively plan their off-site meetings with the help of the weather forecast. They can strategically schedule their activities for a particular time period in order to achieve targets.

Forecasting aids the company in developing marketing and sales strategies meritoriously. As it certainly helps in predicting customer behavior in certain situations. Let’s say you are running Facebook ads? While doing so your main moto is getting noticed by your target market, for which you need to know when your target market is most likely to be online to see them.

Today’s weather facing business can be unpredictable. The predictive analytics offered by the weather forecast and company intranet is essential for quick decisions making. It’s great when the managers can make those kinds of calls early, but it’s also good for employees to know how their company is taking advantage of weather warnings and forecasts.

As it is the company’s responsibility to keep their employees safe. Weather forecast can help the company to decide when to grant leave to the employees and save them from disasters like tornados, heavy rainfalls, and the threat of physical injury or death.

How will Creative Social Intranet – Weather Forecast Help?

Let’s find out!

Nowadays, people have been using their smartphones and tablets to an increasing extent to keep up with the local weather. Re-equipping your intranet with weather forecasts will help you to plan outdoor field trips and meetings effortlessly. Being able to forecast the weather also allows for data to be assembled to build up a more comprehensive picture of a nation’s climate, and inclination within it. Precipitation, Barometric pressure, Temperature, and Relative humidity detectors in one display.