Employee Recommendations

Endorse and get endorsed seamlessly on Company Intranet

Need for the employee recommendation feature in intranet

Being in a managerial position, it’s your job to provide your employee with a recommendation letter. Reviewing them about the work they have performed so far. If any major project they are leading in, then how they are performing their functions and which skills are helping them out in this whole process has to be revived by the managers in a consolidated letter to the esteem employee. The organizations having most adequately designed recommendation practice are 12 times more likely to have strong outcomes.

A recommendation or endorsement from managers or supervisors serves as an asset for the employee heading for promotion or a vacancy. This remains as proof that the applicant held in the previous place is worthy for all the skills and performance showcased during the tenure. The letter should include some examples of the task they actually work upon, skills and abilities and some testimonials which will support their qualification.

Company Intranet being a collaborative function allows the employees to recommend and endorse the colleagues through Linkedin in Creative Social Intranet. This allows the user’s connections to visit the user’s profile and endorse for the specific skills by simply hitting a “Recommend” button.

Recommendations and Endorsements both create value addition to the employee’s profile and gradually leads to skill enhancement from their immediate colleagues. Communication and effective collaboration are the most important aspect of this function.

Employee recommendation is associated with / LMS

Increased productivity and motivation

​It is a common human tendency that when any person is admired for any particular quality, then they tend to possess the same in their further activities. Similar to this the act of recognizing the desired behaviour among the employees also increases the repetition of that same output. So ultimately the recommendation and endorsement features in the Intranet portal enhances the employee’s productivity.

Greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work

Employees tend to work with more enthusiasm and passion when recognised more often. They tend to work in teams also time spent during the work is not wasted enough on complaining about things but rather utilized for some productivity activity. As intranet serves various functions for employee engagement, employees can make their regular working more enjoyable.

Improves Business Performance

When employees are assessed with accurate measures, they result in more productivity which ultimately leads to enhancing the customer experience. As it is said, when you take more care of your employees they even actually take care of the employees. This improves business profits and generates a brand.

The importance of employee recommendation

As Company Intranet prioritizes recommendations through one single server for every individual present in the organization, it results in more employee engagement and creation of an enthusiastic workforce in the company. The skill-based endorsement is the most distinct way to generate connections and develop communication among colleagues and seniors as well.

The connections can validate employees abilities directly on the portal reviewing their profile. Skill-based endorsement and recommendations are the most effective method of engaging the network and at the same time building a professional brand.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




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Increased Productivity




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Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction