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Staff Intranet Portal Solutions India

The intranet portal can combine online education content to assist your staff to promote work and stay refreshed. Streamline vacation appeals, estimates, and more. The method can take place on your intranet portal alternatively on record. An intranet portal gives staff a place to discuss tactics, aims, and design — beginning up your industry.

21 Reasons your Company should have a Modern Employee Intranet

  • To make internal communication better
  • Reduce the number of disengaged employees
  • Employees get access to know their CEO and Senior management
  • Employees get to give their feedback through surveys and polls
  • Check the amount of employee engagement in your company with Admin analytics.
  • Provide an online knowledge base for employee training.
  • Allow employees to transfer important data internally.
  • Upload files, and documents and store them.
  • Reduce email overloads.
  • Provides an advanced search functionality.
  • Remote employees can work from any location with one URL.
  • Increase internal connectivity and engagement.
  • Customized company intranet UI reflecting your branding.
  • Provide online forms for onboarding and other events.
  • An employee directory with an employee leaderboard to facilitate networking and recognition.
  • Elearning and training can be managed easily even remotely.
  • Secure Company Data without sharing it with cloud services.
  • Announce company events And Important Deadlines.
  • Share company achievements and news.
  • Peer to Peer recognition made easy.
  • Simplify Employee Onboarding effectively.

Staff Intranet Portal

An Intranet Portal Gives Staff a Place to Discuss Tactics, Aims, and Design.

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