IT Departments Use Help Desk Trouble Ticketing Software on their Intranets.

Intranet software that is designed for resolving IT department issues like solving trouble tickets wrt to hardware, software, security, internal applications and email solutions.

Intranet Solutions for IT Department

  • Intranet Software solution with Single Sign On, LDAP, Active Directory Sinc. IT departments are backbone of any industry in modern era. Their customers are actually the employees of the company. It should deliver IT alerts, chat interface for support desk and should offer employees to login support tickets. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a software protocol for permitting anyone to find companies, individuals, and different sources such as data and tools in a network, whether on the public Internet or on a corporate intranet.
  • Employees can track their tickets in real time and see the progress on their concern raised with IT team. There should also be widgets like quick poll and should gather employee ratings if they are happy with the service and support received from their IT department.
  • IT is responsible for sending regular alerts for scheduled maintenance or any unscheduled emergency. It keeps the history for auditing purpose. They should send alerts for any troublesome virus attack or any other emergency.
  • Intranet facilitates tracking of support desk tickets by user, due date, responsible technician and many more. It helps stakeholders to stay on top of ticketing system. They track all issues related to hardware, software or any other IT management service. The streamline process will reduce the calling procedure to IT departments which in turn increase their efficiency

Benefits of Intranet

Intranets Streamline Everyday Activities by Helping to Automate Repeatable Tasks.

Resolving IT Department Concerns with Intranet Software

The development is influenced by the strategies of how employees of a company collaborate and engage using different tools in both physical and virtual setups. With the help desk ticketing application employees can assign a help desk supervisor to monitor incoming tickets, mark their priority and allocate them to various support incharge, or have tickets assigned automatically. The ticket search area on our trouble ticket application in Creative Social Intranet makes it easy to look up new, pending, or closed tickets. For any organization who is working for better streamlining of their business processes, there is no better solution than efficient and effective Intranet. As per latest surveys more than 70% of the employees turn to intranet to gather the information they need at work. Intranet is expensive endeavor, so making most out of your investment is primary key for any successful Intranet implementation.

IT organizations are immensely project centric. Hence, IT team intranet has an emphasis on project management. It also provides centralized access to important third party tools that IT workers need constant access for their day to day work. As we know, Intranet helps in enhancing communication and collaboration amongst employees and also in reducing expenses of internal business functionalities. It streamlines the procedures and drives operational efficiency. Like other business schemes, intranet should deliver measurable performance and be responsible for the investment. It is not just one time job; there is a need of constant modernization and update strategies in all companies. The content should never go stale, isolated and irrelevant.

Most important of all, IT department is responsible for maintaining security and policies in any organization and Intranet setup provides varied functionalities to achieve it. Presence of IT department on intranet helps to cater issues related to printer, networking and telecommunications etc. Intranet facilitates to create divided area in applications for particular department or apps which all employees can browse and view to gather information. IT department can publish policies and procedures including admin access, data handling, data protection policy, installation, upgrades and removal of software applications. All in all we can say Intranet is right hand of IT department in any organization.

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