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The Photo Gallery application allows your employees to securely store and share corporate files on the intranet.

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Post employee photos in intranet

Sharing event pictures on your social intranet


Events are a significant part of the corporate world, and the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera in their pocket means that images are only a click away. Sharing event pictures on your social intranet might be a wonderful method to boost staff engagement. It’s a terrific approach to humanise things by displaying what your event looked like, who attended it, and any key events.

Showcase photos of Events


It is critical for today’s managers to ensure that their staff are comfortable enough to raise concerns if necessary, and developing an atmosphere of companionship is easier said than done. Higher-ups can operate internal photo blogs, uploading to your intranet photo gallery, that highlight corporate occurrences. It’s a terrific method to bring a humanistic element to your workplace intranet with no effort

We take into account some world-class employee appreciation ideas and techniques that rise above the basics and the ordinary.

Generating promotional business blogs.


Employees who will be posting will benefit from having an album of company-related “stock” images that may be used in blogs, articles, wikis, and other posted content. This can be made available on your company intranet at any moment, as long as it is freely accessible to all employees. The similar principle may be extended to manage photographs for products and services internally, which can be extremely useful when providing marketing corporate websites.

Efficient strategies for getting employees to know each other


One of the most effective methods to help employees get to know one another is to encourage them to upload personal images of themselves and their families on your intranet. This is ideal for the holidays, vacation season, and pretty much any other time of year because it allows individuals to see what their coworkers are like outside of the office.

Hold photo content on intranet

Engage Intranet users with photo contest


An intranet contest is a great method to boost employee engagement. The beauty of holding a photo contest on your workplace intranet is that there is no right or wrong way to do it, allowing you to be as creative as you want. For example, you could hold a “Funny Friday” contest in which users post their funniest images and community members judge them. Prizes can be insignificant, so you don’t have to worry about investing too much time to contests like this. Simply performing it should be enough to provide an effective motivational push.

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Media Gallery Application

See the aggregated view of your company’s images in Image gallery. Creative Social Intranet rounds up all image updates across the company with notifications to admin and users. The media gallery is updated every time an image is uploaded and approved by the Admin. You can categorize image files in folders and departments. If the image file is uploaded for a specific group, members from that group can only view and have access to image gallery feature of that media.

See the aggregated view of your company’s videos in the Video gallery. Creative Social Intranet rounds up all video updates across the company with notifications to admin and users. The media gallery is updated every time a video is uploaded and approved by the Admin. You can categorize video files in folders and departments. No need to load company server with videos. Just add video embedded code and users can see your video running within the intranet.

Upload Media effortlessly from the intranet. Give captions, descriptions, tag users, set dates for files to be viewed in an extremely user-friendly GUI. Assign categories to each media. Set file permissions on your media files to ensure only the people you want to see your file do. Change the permissions settings at any time.

Our Media Gallery app in Creative Social Intranet includes integrated social networking features, allowing users to “Like” “Dislike: their favourite images, video, files and post feedback or comments, encouraging employee interaction.

Our keyword searching and tag filtering help employees find stored media information quickly. Employees can add tags to images, video, files when they upload them to their intranet, helping to build a collaborative tag cloud for easy filtering.

Permissions can be assigned to individual employees or groups by the admin, ensuring that only the appropriate users can manage, upload, and view the media information.

Showcase media galleries on your intranet homepage dashboard, customize it with the display, best media, or latest media files, helping to promote engagement within the company.


Foster Employee engagement with photo gallery

  • Sharing files online calls for fewer meetings.
  • Lower intranet costs.
  • Engaged and satisfied employees.
  • Less searching.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Images become content in their own right.
  • Commenting increases internal communication.
  • Saves time with multiple media upload options.
  • Find Media Gallery using the advanced search.
  • Enhances the look of your intranet homepage.
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