Birthdays & Anniversaries

Making every employee feel special

A workplace birthday celebration is a wonderful way to show an employee the way you appreciate them.

Post birthdays anniversaries in intranet

The feeling of being valued

Don’t miss the opportunity to wish your colleague on their special day

Create a collaborative and friendly spirit

Your employees will feel noticed and cared for also, and all of them can collaborate to arrange the event, which will improve teamwork among colleagues. Using this Intranet site, everyone may participate in event organization and organize their attendance in advance.

Build colleague camaraderie

Mutual congrats and celebrations are an excellent method to develop team relationships and help your organisation become a cohesive community. Using the social intranet, you may upload, share, and view images and videos from birthday parties other celebration events (through the File Share Tool), creating a welcoming environment both online and in person.

Increase corporate productivity

Once the festivities and congrats are over, the workers create a more personal link and are more comfortable approaching staff in different departments for help. Staff will be able to work more effectively in groups or teams, making the office more productive. The company intranet will be more often utilised, and employees can be reminded to write a birthday email.


Birthday / Anniversary Feature

Surprise your colleague with popup

See employee birthday/work anniversary popups with photographs on your company home page. Send them personalized greetings in a click to celebrate the day.

Get Notification of upcoming birthday

Don’t miss any birthday or work anniversary with the upcoming birthdays/work anniversary list in notifications, when exactly and who’s the nearest birthday will take place.

Advance search to employee details

If you want to plan a surprise for some colleague or your manager, it is easy to check for birthdays / work anniversaries by month or employee names.

Employee birthdays bulk upload in intranet

Bulk Upload

Using the social intranet bulk upload feature, you can showcase anniversaries and birthday dates of every user in your intranet without much effort of data feeding.

Creative Social Intranet Features

This tool allows you to establish a closer bond between your workers, stimulate their teamwork and make them feel valued.

The social corporate intranet will be used more frequently and workers can also be reminded to send a birthday email which in turn means that they will be more familiar to correspondence and are obliged to cooperate on various tasks.

Get contact information (via Employee Directory Tool) and Users can even share and access photos and videos of the birthday parties or celebratory events (using the File Share Tool), creating a friendly atmosphere online as well as in real life.


Impact of Birthday / Work Anniversary Feature in a Company

Birthday celebrations are the best practices for improving employee engagement and building employee trust. Get reminded of the birthday of coworkers you follow and wish them on their birthdays on your company intranet. Get notified when you log in of coworkers’ birthdays so you never miss out on wishing them. The company intranet calendar feature shows everyone’s birthday. The company calendar is a great place to see all important dates including everyone’s birthdays. At Creative Social intranet, we simply provide the month and day of the birthday and advertise the feed on the Home Page of the intranet site.

Birthday Wishes

Make Meaningful Engagement with Employees by Wishing them birthdays on Company Intranet Portal

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