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Creative Social Intranet serves as a vehicle for distributing news, and announcements within the organisation and helps building a company culture.

Announcement Board

Post an Announcement to the organization

Creative social intranet helps to communicate horizontally and vertically. Post an announcement about awards, rewards, new launches, birthdays, anniversaries, the best employee of the month with ease and let your entire company congratulate. Appreciate the efforts of your colleague and make their day special.

Create Engaging Posts With Video and Images

The inbuilt html editor helps to post images, links of videos to make an engaging content.You can create amazing stuff using this tool, so you won’t need to look into any sort of independent toolkit. This software’s extreme perfection enables you to quickly become comfortable with all of its functions.


Employees can create, schedule, and share announcements from the intranet website and app with departments, individuals or entire company from any location any time. Mobile responsive design enables creating and sharing announcements and news on mobile with ease.

Schedule News By Date

Now you can pre share the announcements and go for a vacation or seminar without stressing out, if your team has got the instructions or not. Schedule the announcements with date.Work schedules make ensuring that everyone on the team is given the appropriate responsibilities and amounts of time to guarantee parity.

Receive comments, likes, dislikes on announcements

Encourage interaction and collaboration with comments, likes, dislikes on a post, announcement and news.Through the use of likes , we may communicate by quickly and silently expressing our approval and consent with only one click.Comments can include text, hashtags, @ mentions, and emojis. 

Post announcement and tag users, groups, a timeline to it

Adding an announcement to the social intranet is just made so easy. In creative social intranet go on to the dashboard Click on add post Then click on add announcement Tag the employees, select privacy if it’s for a specific group, add a start date and end date And press submit to send the announcement.

Organize announcements and post news For Easy Access

Organizing announcements, news, information in relevant categories, under relevant departments in Creative content management system in company intranet will help in future for easy access of data. related posts into categories to easily find relevant content.

Choose Who Can See Your Post

Announcements can be shared with group or individual or to the enterprise. Tag users whom the announcement is relevant.You can only alter the audience for a given post if you select a different audience. The default audience that you chose in your privacy settings will be used when you post again.

Built-in Notifications

Notifications provide short, timely information about events in your app while it’s not in use.Receive notifications when new posts are created, or when your posts are viewed, edited or commented on intranet dashboard. Notifications can even be customized for email notifications.

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Communication is key for practically every organization on the planet. When communication falls apart, so does everything else. This is why managers and CEOs are constantly trying to improve the quality of communication among staff members.

When an organization reaches a certain size, gathering around the conference table to make an in-person announcement or communicate recent news and happenings isn’t really possible. After all, much of this information needs to be distributed throughout the entire company, rendering this method highly ineffective for companies consisting of 50 or more employees. Finding a communication tool to spread the word about company news is crucial. creative social intranet helps to overcome these problems. this software helps in communication horizontally and vertically.

Announcement Board Benefits

When company shares news, achievements, milestones, employees are updated with company information’s.

Get feedback from employees on ideas, projects, strategies announced. It helps in developing two way communication.

When company conveys messages properly, it boosts effective employee engagement.

Arranging get to gather of all employees for sharing company news and announcements may demand for human time, effort, infrastructure and money. Posting news and announcements to your intranet is an easy, intuitive process. This will save company time and money.

Your intranet news channel is perfect for sharing announcements that can help give your organization its very own “brand voice,” which is something that simply cannot be bought or sold and inculcates a vibrant work culture.

Company annoucement ideas

What can you post through announcement boards in intranet

  • Company Success Stories – Announce company milestones.
  • Photo Albums – Share photos of last event, festival at workplace.
  • Internal Job Postings – Widget to post current vacancies within company departments and more.
  • CEO corner – Widget to announce blogs, training videos, news shared by the CEO.
  • Weather forecast – For the members how travel a lot, this board may be very useful.
  • Community Events – Announce upcoming events relevant to specific groups or departments.
  • Personal Achievements – Announcement boards can even have widget to share personal achievements like completion of a marathon, work anniversaries and more.
  • Contests – Announce contests within departments to motivate healthy competitions.
  • Quotes / tip for the day – Motivating every user with daily quotes and tips.
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