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The virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace

Featuring employee engagement strategies for 2019 with Digital workplace services

Digital workplaces are an effective and agile work environment that can be accessed easily from any device and from any location.  It carries all the business services and collaboration tools that employees need in their day to day core.  Modern workplace targets at a consumer-like experiences for the employees thus proving them a vibrant workplace solution. The 2019 digital workplace focuses on ease of use, empowering employees towards technology, so that they perform to their full potential and collaborate more easily than ever before. Creative digital workplace services can help companies lower their operating costs as they leverage collaborative spaces with flexible intranet solutions provided by Creative.

Benefits of Digital Workplaces

The traditional workplace intranet have undergone tremendous changes. The human aspect of work is now modernized with new technologies and tools that enables companies to

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve collaboration
  • Cut workspace costs
  • Harmonize workflow
  • Improve employee satisfaction
modern intranet

modern intranet

Various digital workplace solutions developed by Creative