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What is are the benefits of a company intranet software?

  • Reap the benefits of adding a social touch to your organization with a modern company intranet software. The modern corporate intranet is a virtual space in which you, your colleagues, and your customers can share ideas, knowledge, and documents from across the globe as if you were all sitting in the same room. It can be accessed easily from any device.
  • Company intranet software will replace email, forums, and cloud storage.
  • Creative Social Intranet is the best Corporate intranet software that can be used to create a fully-customizable social community tailored specifically to the needs of your business. It's an excellent alternative to Workplace by Facebook, Yammer, Jostle or Office 365.
  • Creative Social Intranet software can be implemented easily to businesses of all sizes.
Creative Social Intranet is simply a better and more modern way to engage today’s employees.

Corporate Communication is the backbone of any business. With efficient communication software, the chances of success are always very high.


Single Sign On Intranet App

Creative Social Intranet is implemented with SSO feature that extends the ability of your active directory’s single sign-on seamlessly.This way employees don't need to remember multiple logins and passwords.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Survey says that employees which receive weekly or monthly peer to peer recognition are happier and have better commitment to their jobs. Creative Social Intranet has a leader board to showcase employee rewards and recognition.

Personalized Newsfeed

The daily news can be added from admin which be seen to all users of intranet on their dashboard. It can be personalized to specific departments, groups in the company. Getting company news and updates makes employees creative with their work and helps in reducing the time allotted to the work process. Personalized news feed feature enables the admin to select a particular news to be displayed to a specific group of people in an organization.

Gamification experience to employees

Rewards, recognition and achievements can now be converted into points which can be redeemed for monetary r non monetary benefits as per company norms. The reward points and never-ending positive feedback keeps the employees geared up to solve even the most complex tasks the gamification way.