Help desk ticket system

Resolve your employee queries effectively

Manage all of your support requests, convert emails to tickets & automate ticketing task.

Creative helpdesk ticketing system

Use Help Desk Ticketing to Manage IT / HR Workload

Powerful help desk software for the entire enterprise

Submit Trouble Tickets

Employees can submit tickets with the Creative Help Desk ticketing application. Employees in charge of resolving the issue can notify on the intranet so that admin can easily review previously submitted issues through the closed ticket search.

Track Outstanding Ticket

The help desk supervisor can monitor incoming tickets, mark their priority and allocate them to various support incharge, or have tickets assigned automatically. They can track ticket status and estimated completion timeline.

Ticketing Alerts

Alerts on help desk ticketing application with the notifications, to reduce the incoming calls to the IT Support desk. Alerts are showcased on the right on the home page to ensure that all your employees see the notice.


Run & support operations seamlessly while engaging with employees

Did you know,

  • Helpdesk ticketing helps increase efficiency by 55%
  • Companies have seen 45% increase in productivity with automation in repetitive tasks.
  • Makes 80% easy for your users to collaborate remotely and work together on tickets within the ticket window.
  • Boost your employee happiness index to 90+% after every interaction with ticketing, turning an unhappy employee into a happy one, rewarding your agents’ performance.
Help desk ticket system
Employee Workplace Experience

A highly adaptable help desk trouble ticket solution in Creative Social Intranet with a lot of metrics that allows to track and follow up efficiently. Replace traditional email based support and help the workload to be divided to the right department.

A knowledge base full of help articles & FAQs to automate support for recurring issues and save time with self-service attitude.

Gain quick insights on your help desk processes with the built-in reporting module. Make informed decisions using in-built analytics.

Time is of the essence

Issue needs to be taken up by the right department right away.

The IT department deals with lots of tickets on a daily basis. Prioritizing these tickets will help them see which ones need their immediate attention. Creative help desk ticketing tool in our enterprise intranet software comes with smart automation that helps them do just that, with automatic ticket prioritization based on time left or status.

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