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A social intranet is a private platform where employees can stay connected on a digital Workplace.

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Employee social networking intranet

Like / Dislike / Comment

Give birth to social media for employees at a Professional front. Every single day, we check out social media platforms, where tones of information are being displayed followed by numerous likes, share, and comments.

The use of enterprise social networks for business has emerged as a crucial means of marketing, promoting and managing employee and customer relationships. Using social networking intranet for enterprise collaboration might be an option worth considering while ensuring that important information locked in emails is not lost simply because an employee leaves the company or is unable to manage the vast number of messages demanding his attention.

Enable two way Communication

Post company announcements to every employee

Creative social intranet helps to communicate horizontally and vertically. Post an announcement about awards, rewards, new launches, birthdays, anniversaries, the best employee of the month with ease and let your entire company congratulate. Appreciate the efforts of your colleague and make their day special.

Encourage interaction and collaboration with comments, likes, dislikes on a post, announcement and news.

Employee happiness index and mood tracking

Leverage powerful people analytics

Creative Social Intranet is a powerful employee engagement platform which crunches feedback data, tracks employee activity and creates actionable reports for all your stakeholders. Deep-dive using an intuitive dashboard for more in-depth insights into your employee engagement.

Employee engagement strategies

Polls and surveys for collecting feedback

Online Polls allows you to get answers to questions fast. Whether it be – date and place for Christmas party, or what time to hold the annual general meeting, online Polls offers the quickest way to get answers. Employee polls and survey are an easy way to involve all employees; after all, everyone has an opinion. And, as long as you keep them light, polls can be fun, reduce stress and, best of all, can boost a sense of teamwork. An Employee Engagement Survey with Polls section in Creative Social Intranet is created and sent to employees of an organization with the primary objective of collecting valuable employee feedback and comments. This employee survey not only makes employees feel involved in the organization operations but also helps to build employee engagement at their workplace.

The admin can check total employee engagement on any question asked in the intranet. This will help strategies further company operations and functions effectively.

Leaderboard in Social Intranet

Gamified and Real time Leaderboards

Celebrate employees and co-workers efforts with a virtual, gamified, and real-time leaderboard & let them thrive in a work environment where every member values each other.

Get a bird’s eye view of overall recognition program with our intuitive leaderboard making life of HR easy.

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Social Intranet Solutions we offer

On premise Intranet

Looking for an effective social intranet for companies with more than 500 employees. Gain complete control of your company social intranet with offline access to employees.

Hybrid Intranet

Hybrid social intranet are for companies with large number of employees with lesser HR budget. Companies that have branches spread globally.

Cloud Intranet

Our cloud intranet solutions are cost effective social intranet solutions. Get your intranet fully managed by Creative team and hosted on Creative servers with zero hassle.

Social Intranet Platform

A social intranet is a private platform for interaction where employees can access content centrally. For employees to communicate and collaborate, it provides social features like commenting and messaging. Also, social intranet software makes use of interactive components as opposed to traditional intranet solutions to boost worker engagement and collaboration in the virtual workplace. Intranets are used for internal communication and knowledge management since they are networks that only employees of the company can access.

  • Increased employee engagement
    Online social tools that encourage employee participation include liking, commenting, and messaging. Instant messaging and other social intranet tools keep your employees linked, increasing the likelihood that they will feel like a team.
  • Enhanced collaboration
    Your employees can be dispersed across many states or countries if they use remote working in a virtual workspace. Collaboration may be difficult as a result. By delivering functions like status updates and comments, social intranets give your employees the tools they need to connect and collaborate more easily.
  • Greater productivity
    Your staff can interact with updates on a social intranet that includes private messaging and commenting capabilities when they want to, allowing them to work uninterrupted on their top priorities.
  • Improved security
    Employees who are unable to contribute to their intranet must find alternative locations to share files and papers. You may increase the security of your internal knowledge and documents using a social intranet.

Look for tools that promote collaboration and connection among staff. Observe the following common social intranet features:

  • Easy social involvement through comments, tagging, and messaging. Notifications for sharing updates and company news feeds.
  • Accessible information centre with strong search capabilities.
  • Collaborative and knowledge-sharing communities and forums.
  • Polls and surveys are tools to gather comments.
  • Employee directory so those who have never met can recognise one another’s faces.

Making intranets useful for employees is a challenge for many companies. Here’s how to configure your intranet such that your employees look excited about logging in.

  • Facilitate participation
    Employee engagement cannot be compelled from the top down. Make sure everyone in your organisation can contribute because they all have something to offer.
  • Invest on mobile-ready technologies
    Nowadays, companies don’t operate from a single headquarters. There are times when front-line personnel and remote workers lack access to a laptop or computer. Your entire team must be able to use a social intranet for it to be successful. To ensure that your deskless workers still receive the same online employee experience, choose a platform that is optimised for mobile apps.

The way people communicate and exchange information in a digital and hybrid workplace is still evolving. Staff members can connect and collaborate outside of their actual office space thanks to the digital workplace. Anything from email, instant messaging, and HR systems to document management software and, of course, social intranets can support this virtual work environment. The digital workplace is built on a social intranet, which is essential for fostering meaningful connections and chances for real-time collaboration. Social intranets offer powerful, mobile-friendly capabilities that can aid in the transition to a workforce that is more digitally oriented.

The use of enterprise social networks for business has emerged as a crucial means of marketing, promoting and managing employee and customer relationships. Communication through emails are the oldest and most popular modes of communication and collaboration in enterprises.

But how many of us suffer under an overload of unnecessary emails and clogged mailboxes?

Using social networking intranet for enterprise collaboration might be an option worth considering while ensuring that important information locked in emails is not lost simply because an employee leaves the company or is unable to manage the vast number of messages demanding his attention.

The heart of Digital Workplace

While there are a range of intranet platforms available, the social intranet solution offered by Creative proves to be a notch higher in features than them.

  • Their internal enterprise social network is developed in Microsoft language and is easy to use and browse through owing to the fast and clear user interface.
  • The other USP’s of Creative Social Intranet is that they offer customized solutions to organizations to ensure the intranet matches the exclusive goals and objectives of the company.
  • They also ensure to make the interface responsive to mobile and desktop alike to enhance usability by employees.
  • Although their intranet options are loaded with the latest features, it is still affordable and easy on the pocket as the team conveniently works around your budget restrictions and requirements.
  • The personal support service of Creative further makes them a preferred service amongst reputed businesses and organizations. You may contact them for further assistance with your particular needs and their team of professionals would work to suggest and provide the best intranet solution for you.
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