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A burst of inspiration is not always what is needed to get great work done. One needs to properly define one's goals and set themselves up in a productive work environment.
Incremental improvement in employees daily work process and mental habits are needed so that they feel motivated and productive throughout the day. Employees themselves need to realise their biological limitations and have adequate sleeping, eating and hygiene habits to deliver optimum output.When we share daily quotes or tips, it not only motivates employees but also helps build a vibrant workplace for your organization. The company goal is always to provide valuable content to its employees. Providing them in bite-sized chunks will help digest things fast and easily. A small portion of the same can be achieved from motivational quotes/tips of the day in the front page of your intranet portal.

Highlights of quotes for the day

  • See Daily Quotes on Employees Intranet Wall

Creative Social Intranet software even has a section which consists of a daily new tip/quotation to motivate, encourage and inspire all employees to work harder and with more dedication. Daily quotes can be added by Admin and can be sent by employees on their intranet dashboard.

  • Schedule quotes for future dates

Now you can create 365 days quotes in advance and feed in the intranet scheduling dates.

  • Showcase quotes on employee dashboard

Employees can see motivational quotes in front of their intranet dashboard. Thus you can motivate your employees before starting their work.

How inspirational quotes can benefit at the workplace

Builds a different perception

Motivational quotes can give a different angle on a subject. It can help change the way of thinking to a situation.

Quotes by the leaders

When motivational quotes are shared from experienced managers and leaders, employees grasp its thoughts and teachings sincerely. When an inspirational quote is addressed with a popular author, their words resonate and continue to enlighten for all time.

Develops a better person in you

You are your own actions. The great thing about motivational quotes is that, when employees read the quotes, they act as per the quote. For eg: If a company shares about long term goals on a regular basis, employees start to believe in long term results then shorter benefits. Similarly, if a company shares quotes about compassion with your coworkers, employees develop a better work relationship with their co-workers and thus a better workplace. Like you are reading about kindness, you begin to do kind things and become a kinder person.

Helps to get back on track

Employees already know what they are supposed to do, or what they aspire to be. Inspirational words trigger something within them and help to get them back on track.

Easy to read and digest

Motivational Quotes or tips for the day are generally short in length, therefore, possibility of employees reading is 99%. It is easy to memorize them.

Big message fewer words

Motivational Quotes often explain a big idea, thought and compact it down into a short burst of knowledge .They are short, sweet, happy, to-the-point, light words.



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