Intranet Solutions For Insurance Agency India

Intranet Solutions For Insurance Agency India

In present age of digitalization, intranet has become an integral part of most of the organizations. Intranet is a secure and private network for an organization.

Insurance company Intranet Portal

Creative Social Intranet software for insurance companies is not just merely a document storage or policy management . Our modern digital workplace solutions allow your employees to collaborate online, and enhance productivity in a single integrated platform.

With Creative Social Intranet software for insurance agencies, you can get remarkable insights by an online survey or poll, spread trends in insurance claims, and upload usual FAQs for employee training. The instant survey analytics will keep sales department and management department updated and in front of the game when deciding on policies, arranging customer support, and resisting claims.

Benefits of Creative Social Intranet to Insurance Departments

Improved Internal Communications

You can keep employees always updated about company news, new insurance policies, latest events in the insurance industry, new product releases etc which will make every employee to be a part of something really important.

Reduce email overflows and thus not miss on any important information

Prevent key information to be lost in the plenty of email correspondence. Get instant notification on the insurance intranet portal boosting attention and ability to respond on same quickly.

Improved employee experience

Improve your employee experience while making customers feel at ease while their claims are being handled. With an online support system, a trouble ticketing and FAQs, e learning the employees will have everything they need to serve your customers quickly and painlessly.

Knowledge sharing at its quickest

With so many insurance schemes and policies available for varied category of customers, it becomes merely impossible for sales agents to keep up to speed with the in-depth details of every policy. A centralized knowledge base content management feature in Creative Social Intranet ensures that all policy information, from initial sales pitches to the terms and conditions, are just a few clicks away. Store important data and key information online, centralized and secured.

Manage insurance claims with e-forms and workflows

Creative Social Intranet provides customized e-forms and workflows to manage all your insurance processes, from quote generations to claim submissions. Our intranet portal empowers you to transform paperwork into online-based forms, which will save time and reduce admin costs.