Creative announces the 2020 employee onboarding tool to automate and inspire the millenials

Date: 07-Jun-2019

Onboarding Tools

Onboarding employees is difficult. A successful employee onboarding program is very necessary to improve retention, engagement, and productivity among new employees.

Creative employee onboarding tools help you to streamline your employee onboarding process and ensure a great onboarding experience for your new employees. There are many different employee onboarding tools you can use to help you successfully onboard new employees in your organization.

Which one is best for your organization depends on your needs:

  • Do you need a simple checklist to guide you through the employee onboarding process?
  • Do you need a specialized onboarding tool with many features? or,
  • Do you prefer an all-in-one HR tool to automate not only onboarding but payroll and benefits as well? Etc.

    Creative has announced the 2020 employee onboarding tool to automate and inspire the millennials and the benefits are:

    • One of the biggest information hurdles that a new employee has to get through is gaining an understanding of the internal structure of an organization. Knowing who to go to with specific questions is important to make your employee onboarding process as smooth as possible and set yourself up for success throughout your time with the company. It simplifies the process of creating and sharing org charts.
    • Creative’s employee onboarding tool is an innovative HR automation platform. Their solution is easy to use and customize. It also helps to create visual representations and data for sharing with new hires in minutes using their drag-and-drop system. Their form builder makes it easy to capture all the employee information and the fact that the system is cloud-based means that it can be accessed from anywhere.
    • Creative is a complete solution for managing remote teams. It provides project management, collaboration, and billing management all in one easy-to-use solution. Creative’s remote onboarding tools are fully fleshed out, providing a complete onboarding experience for new employees.
    • When it comes to delivering educational materials to your new employees and teams, Creative may be the best tool in the market today. It helps teams gain important work knowledge into lessons that help to teach new employees everything that they need to know. Creative’s onboarding tool goes deeper than simple video tutorials. It’s a full-blown training solution that helps you connect with your team to teach them important processes and operational information that they will need in their new job. You can also share important work documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other files on any device with them.
    • Creative’s onboarding tools also help to improve retention and make the process of bringing new employees smooth for both the employees and the company.


    So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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