What would be the features of your dream Onboarding Software?

Date: 05-Jun-2019

Onboarding Software

Setting up a successful business and making big dreams is possible when you have the right software to empower your employees. When in an organization the requirements rise, a company has to hire lots of new hires and the HR team may need some assistance to streamline it.

An employee onboarding program will have all the basic features including a personal details form, a feature to upload necessary documents for verification, background check, and assigning employees to their respective teams. An organization can also create a more professional outlook for your company besides giving the new employees a positive outlook.

Creative an Indian company provides a modern approach to investing in employee onboarding software for new hire training purposes. Getting your employees right start off is one of the crucial parts and achieving that experience with your employees is a complex process. The first days of the new hires in an organization should consist of what they expect during their workdays and get them introduced to the working culture of the organization and individual team members. The importance and level of complexity of the process are exactly why even smaller companies embrace strategic employee onboarding software. To help in that regard, here are some features your dream employee onboarding software should possess:

A Multi-Dimensional Process:

Regardless of what industry you operate in, new employees have to become familiar with company policy, fill out paperwork, and also complete a variety of tasks and at the same time the new employees also have to learn about their new tasks. Therefore, an organization should have software that helps to address the multi-dimensional nature of the employee onboarding process. An automated sequence of emails will probably not be enough to communicate all the tasks. Thus employee onboarding software consists of reminders to the number of stakeholders to send a personalized email, or sending automated emails can also be a part of this equation. Addressing the needs of each and every new employee in your organization can help you reliably optimize your onboarding process.

Multi-User Access and Responsibilities:

The onboarding process is mainly owned and led by the Hr department. But are the only ones responsible for getting the new employees off to the right start? In this entire employee onboarding process, you may need a manager who is in charge of all the paperwork, a legal representative to go over the employee’s responsibilities and liabilities, and a team leader who is responsible for the task-oriented information. The messages that each of these individuals sends should be different to avoid confusion.

Effective Deadline Setting and Tracking:

Every employee onboarding software should have some deadlines for the onboarding process in the organization. New employees may have to perform tasks within the given time frame. Honoring and keeping these deadlines will benefit everyone involved in this onboarding process. That’s why companies can benefit from employee onboarding software that helps to keep track of these deadlines and sends reminders to complete individual steps on an ongoing basis. The result will increase the efficient process that ensures everything gets done in time for the employee to get into the transition of their new role as smoothly as possible.


Personalized training paths allow new employees to choose online training resources, sessions, and support tools that are relevant to them instead of being forced to participate in a general program that might not effectively engage them. Many employee onboarding software solutions also feature customizable training paths that automatically get adjusted based on the employee’s performance.


An employee onboarding software should also involve the feature of gamification to bring a level of fun and excitement to the onboarding process. These game mechanics help to boost new employees’ morale. This also enables new employees to measure their progress. An LMS function helps to offer gamification features and customizable rewards which contain many themes and templates by which you can use to develop eye-catching incentives that align with your brand image.

The employee onboarding software can’t be renovated overnight. Based on the organization’s size, requirements, implementation time and cost will vary. But the right employee onboarding software can boost accuracy, improve decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the ROI of the employee onboarding process.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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