What are the Problems faced by employees and HR in onboarding?

Date: 04-Jun-2019


Employee engagement is defined by the level of enthusiasm and commitment. Many organizations have developed employee onboarding programs to improve employee retention, employee engagement, and overall employee experience. But a recent study has shown that most organizations fail miserably. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. Organizations may have great strategies, but they stumble once new employees get in the door.

Mentioned below are some problems that are faced by new employees and HR in on-boarding and they are:

Problems faced by HR:

Every company faces problems in running various departments. That is why they rely on their HR departments to keep staff aligned with organizational goals, whether it means addressing personal conflicts or putting together attractive benefits packages.

a) Recruitment:

A constant job for HR is finding and onboarding new employees. Selecting and interviewing candidates with the right set of skills, personality, and dependability is an involved procedure. Developing more efficient recruitment procedures is a constant demand for HR.

b) Discipline:

Though it is necessary discipline is one of the most difficult problems HR is forced to deal with it. It requires HR to step in if there is any unsatisfactory performance from employees, failure to adhere to rules and regulations, etc. If an HR neglects any bad situation happening in the organization then it may lead to lower production and poor work quality and sometimes it may get worse too.

c) Health and safety:

When a health and safety incident takes place, HR is often responsible for seeing that the business has met all its legal requirements with all the proper documentation that was kept and every expected precaution was taken. Many companies have safety officers to provide training and monitor workplace conditions, they are usually a part of HR for reporting, which has the responsibility of ensuring the company’s interests are best represented.

d) Training and Development:

To facilitate employee growth, it is the duty of an HR to give employees proper training and development and turn them into retaining employees. If an HR makes a commitment and then makes them wait too long then there is a chance for HR to lose valuable employees to another employer who will provide the proper training and development sessions.

Problems faced by new employees:

However, this task of onboarding has become even more difficult with the entrance of a new generation of workers. Today’s top talented employees are looking for more than just a job and are not afraid to quit the job until they find the right one. Therefore, the longer it takes an employee to become accustomed to the norms of the organization, the longer it takes the company to see its return on investment.

Usually, within the first 24 hours, an employee would decide if they have joined the right company or not.

  • Absence of senior leadership to welcome them, or the direct supervisor.
  • Too much information to process and information is not relevant.
  • Leaders cannot link between onboarding strategy and onboarding function and are unable to take questions candidly
  • Too stingy on the first day, i.e. no welcome pack, no drinks or food.
  • Lack of information on in-house knowledge management


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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