Employee onboarding

Onboarding makes workflow efficient

A method of onboarding new employees that promotes happiness, work satisfaction, and long-term employee retention.

Intranet onboarding
Social Intranet Features

Adopt an app with multimedia features so you can convey information about the company, top leaders, and new hires using images, text, and videos. Organisational charts that are shared as part of this material provide recruits the chance to discover more about the people they’ll be working with and the team culture before they arrive, ensuring that they are at ease right away.

New hires can undergo pre-training prior to their arrival, allowing them to start working more rapidly since training requirements might occasionally take a while. With the availability of e-learning systems, new hires can receive greater training and development. Organisational policies can also be added to your portal so that people can read and accept them prior to their first day on the job.

Great onboarding portals enable you to not only make sure that every new recruit’s experience is the same but also their induction programme is tailored properly. Employee onboarding software enables you to pre-define the information to each role and share that with appropriate people before their first day.

A new employee’s first week can be often taken up with endless administration procedures. Employee onboarding software enables you to ask people to complete HR forms such as submitting bank details, qualifications and skills, contact number and other details before they arrive. If you choose a program that integrates with your HR software then all these data will automatically record in the HR software.

After adding the details of new hires in the onboarding portals, updates will be automatically sent to the other departments in the organization. They can carry out relevant tasks such as setting up computer equipment and preparing access cards.

Incorporating a new employee

Proper Onboarding is key to retaining and engaging talent

  • Firstly the new employee gets hired by the recruiter and then he joins the company.
  • He then successfully onboard to the HR system.
  • The new hire forms and related forms are automatically assigned through the onboarding system.
  • Once the new hire completes paperwork by uploading needed documents, the HR manager immediately gets a notification to check and verify.
  • The hiring manager then approves the paperwork and then the trainee is guided by the On-boarding application to read the policies and respective e-learning and training.
  • The new employee gets skillfully mapped with a buddy for support and communication.
  • The new joiner can mark the list of assets assigned and received through the asset form checklist.
  • He can join various existing groups like New hire club, Freshers group or groups where he is invited by his managers.
  • Build good relations and connections with his colleagues and managers through the portal and also get daily, weekly, monthly tasks from the task management system.
  • The managers can monitor his performance from the performance report and can provide required guidelines, mentoring and training.

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