Balancing Human Talent, Connect and Technology

Date: 18-Feb-2019

Intranet software

Human element can never be replaced in any business. Technology has enabled professionals to engage better and make smart decisions for them.  We surely need technology and human connection to provide a WOW experience to the business and society. The massive technological revolution is redefining the term ‘work’,  though it’s inconceivable to predict what future holds but we should be prepared for it.

Digitization of human resource is now a necessity to prioritize and balance human talent and technology for the right use. Pursuing automation as an end goal can trigger man machine conflict. AI enabled technologies are helping in implementing smarter processes, more incisive decision making and acquiring best talent.

Digitization of intranet is making cutting edge stuff happening around the organizations. With the current studies, the demand of digital and automation talent is expected to exceed its supply by four times in next three to five years. As everyone is entering the digital talent war, businesses have to arm themselves with refreshed and effective strategies. It is required to attract, engage, interview and on board talent. It is equally importantly required to retain existing employees.

Cultural Framework is an unstated concept but it is truly important in balancing humans and technology.  It outlines the behavior that drives the success of people and resonates with the strategy of the organization by tying together all our core beliefs.

Employee Engagement software for the Millennial

For the millennial generation working along with the technology is perhaps less daunting than mastering the interpersonal skills related to communication, problem-solving, and management.

We at Creative Social Intranet focus on collaboration tools that are important for remote teams.  It is helpful for both employees and employers. Advantages include less confusion, less overlapping with a better picture of progress.  We promise to bring change that is transformational and beneficial for Human Resource balancing by enhancing engagement, learning, and communication through our complete intranet portal software.




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