The Difference of Productivity Between Gen Z and Millennial

Date: 19-Feb-2019

The labor pool is made up of as many as five generations with disparate demands and ever-declining levels of engagement. Companies are making more innovative efforts to meet the varied employee needs and expectations to communicate effectively and attract, retain, and engage good employees. Gen Z is still at the beginning of professional careers whereas the millennial crowd is already part of the working world. Both are colliding in the mode of working and are creating new demands.

Technology and economic factors have disrupted many things and one of them is the workforce ambience. Companies in the United States even declared the end of the millennial era. The arrival of Gen Z in the working world is in full swing. It has already entered the labor market and it is the first generation to never know a world with the internet. This is affecting the methods of working and communicating with each other in any organization. So businesses need to bid farewell to some of the customs they have cultivated over the years.

The new generation expects authenticity and transparency from management as they are driven by the fear of another recession and a financially secure job. They see their careers and hard-earned money through the lens of anxiety. On the other hand millennial generation wants more collaboration in the workplace and they crave feedback since they are used to receiving it constantly. They want every sense of the world.

The new generation is increasingly spread out. They prefer to work from different locations, travel more for their jobs, and want to stay connected 24 hours. Creative Social Intranet provides a platform for collaboration for internal communications, document sharing, and through an intranet portal for employee engagement. We believe it has the potential to change workplace practices in a wide variety of industries. Creativity is built by the combined aspirations of our experts and users.



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