Modernization of intranet

Date: 08-Jan-2019

Modern Intranet

In contrast to popular belief, the intranet is not totally old fashioned “outdated OR obsolete”. The average intranet needs an up-gradation. With the latest intranet technology platform, Creative Social Intranet incorporates critical communications and business process systems in most organizations.
However, the intranet’s wrong reputation is not totally unfounded. If the intranet is not modernized, employees may not use the intranet. Today’s workplace is far more advanced than those even five or six years ago; the intranet needs to cater to more modern audiences.

21st century must be an intranet century, and in particular, enhance mobile and social computing. Importance should be given to modernizing the intranet activities. It can be done by adopting Creative Social Intranet which allows to share and communicate latest knowledgeable content to the employees in one stroke.

Need for Social Intranet

Social media has transformed everyday life, permeating everything from how companies operate to how people communicate with each other. So, it is not surprising that even the intranet can have good results from social components. Again being an internal communications platform that allows for announcements and updates, a modern intranet system should also provide social features, such as posting, chatting, sharing, tagging, liking, and many more. Creative Social Intranet has highlighted all these points and increased the productivity of employees and knowledge workers by 20 to 25% with instant messaging being the most preferred social communication tool.

Adopting social intranet tools or widgets is not basically keeping up with a trend, but rather, promoting more collaboration among staff. With social features, employees can share what they’re presently working on, and others may join the conversation, give advice or offer feedback. Even something as simple as integrating e-mail accounts into the company intranet can do a world of good for promoting open communication. This is mainly important in organizations that hold massive amounts of company, inventory, and user data, such as e-commerce companies. This is one of the features of the Creative Social Intranet.

E-commerce and Intranet

India is home to a large e-commerce customer base on the state of Indian e-commerce. In fact, about 72% of millennials browse online with the hope of buying something, while 65% of 35-54 year-olds do the same. These numbers are only set to increase with the rise in adoption and acceptance of online retailers. With this in mind, the intranet is the best media to promote online sales and information services all over through an e-commerce site; connecting everything from publishing and document management to workflow and training.

A Modern Intranet with Personalization

Creative Social Intranet also emphasizes the need for modern intranet systems to provide avenues for personalization. The fact that intranet is one single thing to everyone does not apply anymore. The modern intranet should be able to provide a tailored experience for each user based on his of her work, company role, and connections. Hence, intranet platforms should have options for customization and special features for those in specific positions. If people see information that’s useful to them, there are more chances of them using the intranet.

Artificial Intelligence and Intranet

Employees will definitely find an intranet with an artificial intelligence assistant application more useful because it can gather useful insights and create intelligent decisions that can help users streamline their tasks. With automated tasks and predicted searches, a person’s work efficiency may increase considerably. Of course, artificial intelligence will only be effective when more people use the intranet since it will examine work patterns and gather data about users.
So for all these necessities, Creative Social Intranet provides the latest solutions to companies.



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