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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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The Keys to Hybrid Work Success

Why Do We Go to the Office? Many people wonder why they need to go to the office. And how can bosses make that time at work useful? These questions are more urgent than ever with the majority of office workers now having some degree of hybrid flexibility. As per Gallup report today, 54% of remote-capable workers are working hybrid and finding themselves weighing the costs and benefits of the daily commute. In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that the average one-way commute to work was 27.6 minutes. That’s 230 hours a year simply getting to work, the equivalent The Keys to Hybrid Work Success

Intranet Social Tools Boost Engagement & Collaboration

How Intranet Social Tools Improve Engagement and Collaboration?

One of the primary functions of modern intranets is to systematize and improve company operations in order to maximize employee productivity. The same applies to an employee in the office, at home, or out in the field. Implemented features to improve user participation and collaboration through responsive design, in-depth search, document management, and social intranet tools. These intranet functions, which are provided to organizations and companies employing people in a wide range of roles, are customized to meet the specific requirements of those employees. The social features of intranets are becoming increasingly popular. Blogging, forums, wikis, corporate directories, social feeds, How Intranet Social Tools Improve Engagement and Collaboration?

Employee Engagement Ideas For a Stronger Company Culture

5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

5 Ways to Engage Employees A solid foundation for any successful company culture is an energetic workforce. Companies, sadly, are not even coming close to meeting expectations. Improving productivity, profits, and overall company success all depend on an engaged workforce. Therefore, how can you foster a healthy culture within your company? In order to boost productivity, morale, and corporate culture, consider these five approaches to employee engagement. 1. Boost Internal Communication Miscommunication is the root cause of nearly half of all workplace issues. Employees are becoming frustrated and disengaged when they are unable to have their questions or concerns answered 5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

Is Cloud Intranet the Future of Business Communication

Is the Cloud Intranet the Next Big Thing in Business Communication?

As more organizations shift to remote working and the hybrid occupation of business premises, new approaches are needed to enhance internal communications, stimulate higher efficiency and smooth operations, and promote employee engagement. The business intranet, a virtual workspace, and a platform for managing corporate data are one way to accomplish these goals. What are the types of intranets? An intranet is a private network system used by an organization to securely share data and information with its employees, clients, and other stakeholders. There are generally two types of intranets which are the traditional intranet and the modern intranet. Traditional intranets Is the Cloud Intranet the Next Big Thing in Business Communication?

Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?

Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?

Businesses have been looking for a single entry point into the digital workplace for a long time. However, do intranets focused on being really social actually gain from collaboration and employee self-service, which are generally better serviced by independent platforms? What Happened to Intranet Social Software? Due to the fact that collaboration and knowledge sharing were key features of social intranet software, security and reach issues arose. Similarly, social intranet adoption has struggled for the same reasons that traditional intranets have. They were desktop-only gateways to a slew of completely useless data with no practical application. In the interim, stand-alone Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?