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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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The Keys to Hybrid Work Success

Why Do We Go to the Office? Many people wonder why they need to go to the office. And how can bosses make that time at work useful? These questions are more urgent than ever with the majority of office workers now having some degree of hybrid flexibility. As per Gallup report today, 54% of remote-capable workers are working hybrid and finding themselves weighing the costs and benefits of the daily commute. In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that the average one-way commute to work was 27.6 minutes. That’s 230 hours a year simply getting to work, the equivalent The Keys to Hybrid Work Success

Internal Communications

An Internal Communication Strategy that Will Give Results

In today’s dynamic and scattered work environment, achieving business goals relies heavily on an effective internal communication strategy. This goes beyond simply crafting the right message or picking the best communication channel. It’s about crafting a compelling story that unifies everyone in your organization, from leadership to frontline employees. This blog will guide you through developing a successful internal communication strategy and identify key areas to monitor for ongoing improvement. Why do Companies need an Internal Communication Tool? Companies need internal communication tools for several reasons: 1. Improved Communication & Collaboration: These apps break down silos between departments, fostering faster An Internal Communication Strategy that Will Give Results

Intranet Solution

Creative Intranet Solutions For Modern Business World

With time, collaboration techniques within an organization have also changed. The modern social intranet has eliminated the flaws of traditional intranet and had given a lot of fascinating features to connect employees with each other and share information. When it is about effective and meaningful internal communication in a company, the social intranet is a workhorse. Today, cloud intranet solutions are a very genuine option for a business to develop a platform where employees can enhance their productivity and skills. Traditional static intranets are a thing of the past. The modern business world thrives on a dynamic and engaging digital Creative Intranet Solutions For Modern Business World

Top 40 ideas to create a best company intranet

Top 40 Ideas to Create the Best Company Intranet

Creating the best company intranet involves a thoughtful combination of functionality, usability, and engagement. Here are 30 ideas to help you develop an outstanding company intranet: 1. User-Friendly Interface: Design a clean and intuitive interface for easy navigation. 2. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the intranet is accessible and functional on various devices. 3. Personalized Dashboards: Allow users to customize their dashboards based on their preferences and tasks. 4. Employee Profiles: Include detailed employee profiles with skills, roles, and contact information. 5. Announcements: Implement a feature for important company-wide announcements. 6. News Feed: Include a dynamic news feed for updates on projects, Top 40 Ideas to Create the Best Company Intranet

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Intranet trends to be Expected in 2024 – Modern Workplace

In 2023, there was a notable shift in the dynamics between employers and employees. Looking ahead to 2024, this transformation is expected to persist. According to a Gallup poll, a substantial number of organizations are undergoing significant overhauls in their operational approaches. However, this transformative period has left many employees, including managers, grappling with elevated stress levels and a sense of disconnection. The challenges faced by managers in 2023 were diverse: In response to these challenges, the poll recommends that leaders reassess and modify their management strategies. This adjustment is crucial to better align with the evolving needs of their Intranet trends to be Expected in 2024 – Modern Workplace