HR trends for 2018

Artificial Intelligence

The year 2018 has increasingly complex challenges for HR and for other professionals. Artificial intelligence has introduced intellectual technology into enterprises. Such systems can communicate and collaborate with humans, learn with each interaction, follow, learn and develop through experience.

These systems are catered images, photos, data, videos, text, and more—information with which they can develop their digital intelligence. These systems perceive, reason, learn and interact.


How should HR act in the face of such advances?

HR professionals must be prepared and ready to:

Company HR is using Artificial intelligence mainly for:


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However, given the lack of formalization of all these new techs, it is crucial that the Human resource provide support to the legal department in the future challenges that will grow, especially the technological ones that often will also include people. For example, how do I sign-up a bot in a system, since it is not a person or an employee? Do we categorize them as part of the non-human capital resources? How do I manage increasingly complicated values in new, flexible environments? This hikes so many more questions in this field.