Traits Of Good Social Intranet For Offices And Enterprise

Date: 15-Jan-2018

Enterprise Collaboration System

Contrary to the traditional intranet, the modern-day social intranet provides a single collaboration hub at workplaces that helps in effective communication and accurate business management. Using it, employees can communicate with each other and have a rich personalized experience.

A social intranet network can be more beneficial if it includes modern features providing lots of business-friendly amenities. A modern, beneficial intranet for offices contains lots of other traits too, such as:


A good social intranet for an organization is designed in a manner that employees, including managers and low-level staff members, can use every feature of it without any hesitation. In addition, they get effective sources to communicate with each other and share important information without switching to another platform. By personalizing the social intranet, an organization can make it according to its needs and promote productivity at workplaces.

More Than Information Sharing

Social intranet isn’t just to serve as a communication platform, but also to help employees perform their duties rapidly and effectively. It’s like a knowledge hub for them, where they can share ideas with each other and learn from experienced professionals. They can share images, videos, and surveys too with other employees over the network.

Flawless Integration

Over the social intranet platform, all people of an organization can communicate as a group, work on a common project, and have a discussion on forums. All operations can be done without any hassle, and employees can use their time for other productive activities.

Creative Web Mall For Social Intranet For Offices

Creative Social Mall can help you get intranet software for enterprises in its best, advanced form. In addition to designing and launching a creative social intranet for your business, our dedicated support staff can help you understand the network and use it in the most accurate manner.



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